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Changing Our Minds is an experiential tour through a social, spiritual and scientific revolution that is redefining our culture’s often-confusing relationship with psychoactive substances.

Veteran journalist Don Lattin chronicles the inspiring stories of pioneering neuroscientists, psychotherapists, spiritual guides and ordinary people seeking to live healthier lives by combining psychedelic drugs, psychotherapy, and the wise use of ancient plant medicines. In ground-breaking clinical trials, specially trained therapists employ Ecstasy (MDMA) to help U.S. veterans struggling with the psychological aftermath of war.

Other psychiatrists in government-approved research offer psilocybin to alcoholics trying to get sober and cancer patients struggling with the existential distress of a life-threatening illness.

Meanwhile, new imaging technology has enabled neuroscientists to map the psychedelic brain in real time, deepening our understanding of human consciousness. the essential primer for understanding and navigating this new consciousness-raising territory.

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ISBN-13: 9780907791676
Publisher: Synergetic Press
Publication Date: April 18th, 2017