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You Can Do This! By Elisha Daniels, Kelley Tuthill, Ann Partridge, MD Cover Image
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Two breast cancer survivors share inspiring advice on looking and feeling your best during treatment in this guide cowritten with a prominent oncologist.

Kelley Tuthill and Elisha Daniels have both experienced breast cancer—and refused to sit on the sidelines while life passed them by. In this supportive guide, they discuss how they continued to enjoy their family, friends, and careers while fighting the fight of their lives. They also share which strategies worked and what didn’t, and what they wish they’d known at the time of diagnosis about:

* Sending a message to the world that you are healing, not dying

* Surrounding yourself with people who know how to make you feel better

* The benefits of sticking to your regular routine when possible

* Having a plan for what you’ll do at 2:00 a.m. if you can’t sleep

* Wearing makeup and high heels—because you don’t have to look and feel like a patient all the time

* Picking out wigs and penciling in eyebrows

* Trying to maintain humor and positivity—without putting undue pressure on yourself

* Believing that you can beat this!

With the help of Dr. Ann Partridge, an oncologist at the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston who helped both of the authors through their own cancer journeys, this book can help the newly diagnosed patient work through the initial shock and move forward to face the coming challenges—emphasizing that you can continue to lead an active life and that it’s perfectly acceptable to research chemotherapy alongside the latest offerings from Chanel.

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ISBN-13: 9780740794032
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: August 17th, 2009