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Many Writers Get Their Start at Book Passage
Book Passage has been hosting writing classes, workshops, and conferences for over 25 years. Our classes have also included art, history, food, publishing, social issues, and much more. Throughout that time many well-known writers have gotten their start at Book Passage, and that's where they have honed their skills and made the connections they need to embark upon a successful writing career.


Classes at Book Passage

Classes both large and small (click here)

Classes have been part of the Book Passage experience for many years. We’ve had many large programs as well as intimate gatherings that allow students to work closely with the teachers. Many of the teachers are writers themselves, so the classes become a practical, hands-on experience for the students. Many of the classes are currently online, but we're adding more in-store classes as soon as we can. For a current list of classes, please click here.

Five Things I've Learned
Five Things with Extended Sessions (Click here)

We’ve worked with our media partners at Extended Session to develop a new series of online classes that tap into the experience of famous writers. The title (“Five Things”) hints at the focus: these are usually short classes that get right to the heart things immediately. For a current list of Five Things I've Learned classes, please (Click here)

Here are some of the classes that Book Passage is sponsoring with Extended Session:

Sun.. Nov. 14 - 5:00pm (on-line)   Julie Lythcott-Haims - Making Love Work (sign up)

Wed. Dec. 8 - 5:00pm (on-line)   Nicholas Buccola - Love, From James Baldwin (sign up)


Left Coast Writers

Left Coast Writers has long been a part of the Book Passage team. This writer’s group provides literary connections, professional support, readings, writing tips, literary chats, unabashed networking, and great fun. LCW writers are often a part of Book Passage author presentations. In short, it has everything a writer needs! LCW meets at Book Passage and is led by Linda Watanabe McFerrin. For more information, please Click here.

Professional Consultations

For the past several years, Book Passage has developed a program of linking writers with mentors to help them with their writing. The pandemic forced us to modify this program, but we are back, moving forward with a system that will put new writers in touch with veteran writers who can help them with every phase of their writing careers. or more information Click here .

Writing Conferences

Over the last 30 years Book Passage has hosted some of the most prestigious writing conferences in the country. The Travel Writers & Photographers Conference and the Mystery Writers Conference have both featured some of the best writers, editors, and publishers in their field. The format of the two Conferences has been largely the same: four days of classes and panels, plus intense interaction and camaraderie between students and faculty. We were forced to skip these two conferences in 2020, but we are making plans to bring them back, bigger and better than ever. For more information, contact