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Karen Benke - Rip ALL the Pages! (Ferry Building Store)

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 3:00pm

Meet & Greet!

Special Event for Kids!

Aimed at third graders and up, Rip ALL the Pages will get you writing, ripping, playing on and off the page. “Rip ALL the Pages is a super-rad book packed with smart, engaging, challenging writing prompts that are sure to stoke the creative fires in writers of all ages!” ~Kate Schatz, NY Times bestselling author of Rad Girls Can! and My Rad Life.

Karen Benke is the author of Rip the Page! (now translated into Russian and Korean), Leap Write In! (for teens) and Write Back Soon! Adventures in Letter Writing.  A longtime Poet in the Schools, she now runs The Writers Nest at the refurbished Mill Valley Lumber Yard. Her books are used by educators, parents, and the children/tweens/teens they’re written for. They have received praise from FamilyFun Magazine, Children’s Book Review, Guernica, and other magazines. Stop by to have a book signed and receive a literary inspiration gift.


Rip All the Pages!: 52 Tear-Out Adventures for Creative Writers Cover Image
ISBN: 9781611806571
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Roost Books - March 5th, 2019

Unleash your creativity! Explore creative writing in new ways that will have you cutting, folding, tearing, and ripping the pages!

This is the activity book for out-of-bounds creative writing fun. Full of 52 zany,

1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111

Merriam Saunders - My Whirling Twirling Motor (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 4:00pm

Special Event for Kids!

In My Whirling Twirling Motor, Charlie feels like he has a whirling, twirling motor running inside him all the time and sometimes he just can't settle. When his mom wants to talk to him, he figures he's in trouble...but she has a surprise for him instead Includes a Note to Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers with more information on ADHD, behavior management, and helping children focus on the positives.

Merriam Saunders is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist based in Kentfield, CA.Tammie Lyon is an award-winning author and illustrator of numerous books for children, including Olive and Snowflake, the Eloise series, and the Katie Woo series.


My Whirling Twirling Motor Cover Image
ISBN: 9781433829369
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Magination Press - March 5th, 2019

Charlie feels like he has a whirling, twirling motor running inside him all the time and sometimes he just can't settle. When his mom wants to talk to him, he figures he's in trouble...but she has a surprise for him instead Includes a Note to Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers with more information on ADHD, behavior management, and helping children focus on the positives.

51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Jeanne Walker Harvey - Boats on the Bay (San Francisco Store)

Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 11:00am

Special Children's Event
Meet & Greet

Houseboats, ferries, fishing boats, sailboats . . . see all the boats parade on the bay

Boats on the Bay is a large-format picture book about a bunch of boats found on a busy bay, buoyed by simple, spare, and lyrical text. Inspired by the San Francisco Bay but with universal appeal, the book features a spectacular double-spread gatefold finale showing a boat parade and fireworks glowing against a city backdrop.

Jeanne Walker Harvey lives in Sausalito, California, where she watches all of the boats on the bay from her house on the hill. She is the award-winning author of several picture books, including Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines; My Hands Sing the Blues, Romare Bearden’s Childhood Journey;Honey Girl the Hawaiian Monk Seal; and Astro the Stellar Sea Lion. In addition to being a writer, Jeanne is a docent at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Boats on the Bay Cover Image
ISBN: 9781944903336
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Cameron - September 18th, 2018

1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111

Joan Schoettler - Ruth Asawa (San Francisco Store)

Saturday, December 22, 2018 - 10:00am

Meet & Greet
Special Event for Kids!

Ruth Asawa: A Sculpting Life by Joan Schoettler portrays a remarkable artist, teacher, and woman. Ruth Asawa believed in making the world a better place. She understood that exposing children to art was one path toward that goal. From the Japanese-American internment camps to the creation of the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts, Asawa’s life journey is one filled with family, art, injustice, inner strength, education, and arts activism. She drew upon her transformative life experiences and worked with unconventional mediums, using lines, space and wire to create sculptures that move people today.

Asawa became known as the “Fountain Lady” for the many public fountains she designed. One she created was the San Francisco Fountain outside the Grand Hyatt. Asawa worked with children from different parts of the city to create whimsical bas-relief panels that she incorporated into the design. Public support has kept this magnificent piece in place, a monument to a courageous and inspirational artist.

Author Joan Schoettler grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she became acquainted with Ruth Asawa’s wire sculptures and fountains. At Asawa’s celebration of life, a seed was planted to write Ruth Asawa’s story for children. Schoettler earned an MA in reading and language arts from Fresno Pacific University and taught in elementary schools before teaching children’s literature and storytelling at California State University, Fresno, nurturing her passion for children’s literature and her love of teaching. She has invited students of all ages into her world of children’s literature, immersing them in the nuances of writing and the art of storytelling. Joan is the author of two other picture books, A Home for George and Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth for which she was awarded the 2012 APALA Award for Best Picture Book. She lives in Fresno with her husband where they raised three sons.


Ruth Asawa: A Sculpting Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781455623976
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Pel - October 1st, 2018

In this extraordinary picture book, author Joan Schoettler imparts the life of a remarkable woman, teacher, and artist. From the Japanese-American internment camps to the creation of the San Francisco School of the Arts, Ruth Asawa's life journey is one filled with injustice, learning, and expression.

1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111

Launch Party: Margot Elaine Jones - Beneath the Dragonwood Trees (Corte Madera Store)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 7:00pm

A musical fairytale, Beneath the Dragonwood Trees takes us into the woods on a journey reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, Peter and the Wolf, and even a hint of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

What lies ahead in this enchanted forest of wacky witches for a lost boy and his stalwart furry and feathered friends? Original songs, musical score, and a wild-haired storyteller guide us on our way in this Broadway-style escapade about a boy’s quest – with his talking animal pals – to catch  the dreaded Wolf and win a Badge of Honor. In the end, Peter learns a great lesson – that the love between family and friends is far more valuable than a Badge of Honor.

Nationally-acclaimed director, composer, choreographer, independent filmmaker, and thirty-year veteran of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Margot Elaine Jones brings us this Broadway-style musical comedy in a print edition with rich and delightful illustrations and QR CODES that connect to bonus songs.


Beneath the Dragonwood Trees: In the Beginning Cover Image
ISBN: 9781732816619
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Lord & Dooney Press - November 20th, 2018

Entertain the whole family with this original, magical, fairytale adventure

Imagine meeting up with some of your favorite fairytale characters in an enchanted forest that casts spells of mayhem, mischief, magic, and fun.

51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Moon Tribe Girl Poets - Special Reading (Corte Madera Store)

Friday, March 29, 2019 - 7:00pm

The MoonTribe group of pre-teen and teen girl poets have been writing with Meredith Heller every week for four years. With her writing invitations and guidance, the girls write from their own experiences as they explore nature, their senses, and their thoughts and feelings. They learn to tap their imaginations, trust their creative instincts, and build their writing and communication skills, as well as the self-confidence to express themselves with greater clarity and depth. MoonTribe classes cultivate a natural sense of belonging to a community of friends who share a passion for creative writing and encourage each other to dig deep and to shine.  

Meredith Heller is a performing poet and singer/songwriter and a California Poet in the Schools, she teaches poetry and creative writing classes for teen girls, coaches private voice and songwriting, leads MoonTribe, a Write of Passage Nature Program, and hosts Siren Song, a women’s singer/songwriter night. Her poetry has been published by Rebelle Society, We’Moon, The Aquarian, Avocet, and in Women, Their Names, & The Stories They Tell.


51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Gwen Gordon - The Wonderful W (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 4:00pm

Special Event for Kids!

Princess Willa has everything, but instead of enjoying her magnificent riches she only laments what's wrong, bad, and missing. One morning, to her horror, the letter W has vanished. This W deficit is a very big problem. People aren't well, only _ell, which is too close to ill and when wonder goes _onder they feel even _orse still. Saddest of all is when WE becomes _E for a kingdom without kinship is a sad place to be. But that's only half the problem. Without the wonderful W the kingdom's seamless wholeness is riddled with holes. There are holes in the ground and holes in the sky, but the _orst of the holes are the ones deep inside. The princess tries to solve this problem but nothing _orks. Until one day, she just can't take it anymore.

She must do the only thing left to do...and that's when the magic begins.

Through Seussian rhymes and quirky illustrations, The Wonderful W tells from Gwen Gordon the story of our holiest wholes and the wholeness that resides within us. For best results, read out loud to someone you love.


The Wonderful W Cover Image
ISBN: 9780999795316
Availability: Special Order
Published: Gwen Gordon Play - November 20th, 2018

The Wonderful W is a story of transformation told and illustrated as a fairytale for adults. Seussian rhyme and quirky illustrations take us on a journey into our holiest holes to discover the wholeness that resides within us. Princess Willa has everything, but instead of enjoying her bountiful riches she only laments what’s wrong, bad, and missing.

51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Breton W. Kaiser Taylor - The Dragon of Emerhill (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 2:00pm

Special Event for Kids
Path to Publishing Launch Party!

Noreia, a 13-year-old French princess, is an obedient girl until the day disaster strikes Emerhill Kingdom. After a coastal shipwreck, her dragon friend Stalwart is accused of sinking the ship. Noreia's affections for her friend turn to defiance. When Noreia seizes the chance to defend her dragon friend, Noreia defies her father, while obeying her heart. She faces a voyage to an island she has never seen. There, she will struggle to survive with help from the fairies of Fay Linn, on Dragonera Isle!

Breton W. Kaiser Taylor introduces the Fay Linn Trilogy with his debut novel, The Dragon of Emerhill. In this richly illustrated fantasy novel, he depicts a child's need for independence, friendships, and guidance toward a world that is just and full of hope. As a survivor of juvenile kidney disease, he understands children's need for a sense of independence. Made in watercolor and pen and ink, his illustrations make the story come to life. His website is available with information on his writing and artistic process at:





51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Special Story Time Guest: Danielle Anderson-Craig - The Magic of We (Corte Madera Store)

Monday, November 5, 2018 - 9:30am

Special Event for Kids!

The Magic of We is a children's picture book by Danielle Anderson-Craig and illustrated by her friend and fellow teacher (they teach at same school!), Carly Dooling. It is a tender tale of blossoming friendship in which two children meet and are transported into a world where the ordinary becomes fantastic and the known becomes surreal as their shared experience creates unlimited imagination and play. The refrain "Being with you..." reverberates throughout the pages of detailed imagery, lush with color and imagination. A first book for both Anderson-Craig and Dooling, The Magic of We combines the magic of music and the music of words to describe the amazing feeling of finding someone who "fits" you.

Poet and kindergarten school teacher Danielle Anderson-Craig was the longtime love of the late organ and keyboard player Ikey Owens. Anderson-Craig wrote the The Magic of We as an homage and a celebration of connection and closeness. She graduated from the University of Southern California with an American Studies & Ethnicity/Philosophy degree. Her work as an educator of primary school aged children spans over 15 years, with most of her experience in the Montessori environment.


The Magic of We Cover Image
By Danielle Anderson-Craig, Carly Dooling (Illustrator), Ikey Owens (Performed by)
ISBN: 9780996401630
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Third Man Books - February 13th, 2018

A heartfelt children's tale describing the beauty of friendship. Includes unreleased music from musician and producer Ikey Owens (Mars Volta, Jack White).

"Read The Magic of We, and your heart will expand with joy." -- Juan Alderete de la Pe a, The Mars Volta

51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Marin Ballet - Nutcracker Story Time (Corte Madera Store)

Friday, November 30, 2018 - 4:30pm

Join Marin Ballet at Book Passage on November 30th at 4:30pm to hear the magical tale of The Nutcracker.  This unique telling of the holiday classic will feature a costumed visit by some of the characters from the ballet’s cast.  The dancers will be available to take photos and sign autographs after the reading.  This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the Nutcracker tradition to little ones! 

Follow it up by seeing Clara’s whimsical adventure come to life at the Marin Center on December 8th and 9th.


51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925


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