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Taffy Brodesser-Akner - Long Island Compromise: A Novel (Corte Madera Store)

Wednesday, July 17, 2024 - 6:00pm

Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Long Island Compromise
and Find Your Power

Corte Madera Store
Wed., July 17th, 2024 • 6:00pm

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

An exhilarating novel about one American family, the dark moment that shatters their suburban paradise, and the wild legacy of trauma and inheritance, from the New York Times bestselling author of Fleishman Is in Trouble

“Were we gangsters? No. But did we know how to start a fire?”

In 1980, a wealthy businessman named Carl Fletcher is kidnapped from his driveway, brutalized, and held for ransom. He is returned to his wife and kids less than a week later, only slightly the worse, and the family moves on with their lives, resuming their prized places in the saga of the American dream, comforted in the realization that though their money may have been what endangered them, it is also what assured them their safety.

But now, nearly forty years later, it’s clear that perhaps nobody ever got over anything, after all. Carl has spent the ensuing years secretly seeking closure to the matter of his kidnapping, while his wife, Ruth, has spent her potential protecting her husband’s emotional health. Their three grown children aren’t doing much better: Nathan’s chronic fear won’t allow him to advance at his law firm; Beamer, a Hollywood screenwriter, will consume anything—substance, foodstuff, women—in order to numb his own perpetual terror; and Jenny has spent her life so bent on proving that she’s not a product of her family’s pathology that she has come to define it. As they hover at the delicate precipice of a different kind of survival, they learn that the family fortune has dwindled to just about nothing, and they must face desperate questions about how much their wealth has played a part in both their lives’ successes and failures.

Long Island Compromise spans the entirety of one family’s history, winding through decades and generations, all the way to the outrageous present, and confronting the mainstays of American Jewish life: tradition, the pursuit of success, the terror of history, fear of the future, old wives’ tales, evil eyes, ambition, achievement, boredom, dybbuks, inheritance, pyramid schemes, right-wing capitalists, beta-blockers, psychics, and the mostly unspoken love and shared experience that unite a family forever.


Taffy Brodesser-Akner is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine and the New York Times bestselling author of Fleishman Is in Trouble, which has been translated into more than a dozen languages. She is also the creator and executive producer of its Emmy-nominated limited series adaptation for FX. Long Island Compromise is her second novel.


Praise for Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s Fleishman Is in Trouble

“Believe the hype. Fleishman Is in Trouble is even better than we were promised. . . . A feminist jeremiad nested inside a brilliant comic novel—a book that makes you laugh so hard you don’t notice till later that your eyebrows have been singed off.”The Washington Post

“In her witty and well-observed debut, Taffy Brodesser-Akner updates the miserable-matrimony novel, dropping it squarely in our times. . . . Brodesser-Akner has written a potent, upsetting and satisfying novel, illustrating how the marital pledge—build our life together—overlooks a key fact: There are two lives.”The New York Times Book Review



Taffy Brodesser-Akner photo courtesy of the publicist.

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First-Hand Accounts from Ukraine (Corte Madera Store)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - 6:00pm

Michael S. Baker, MD & Dmytro Kushneruk
Moderated by Bill Poland

First-Hand Accounts from Ukraine

Corte Madera Store • Tues. June 11th 6:00PM PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

We welcome you to join us for First-Hand Accounts from Ukraine to hear Michael S. Baker, MD & Dmytro Kushneruk speak in-person at our Corte Madera store! Complimentary refreshments will be served.

If you are interested in attending this free event, please RSVP using the button above. We really hope to see you there!


Moderator -

Bill Poland went to Lviv, Ukraine in October 2022 to meet with officials and citizens to understand their lives. This is the opportunity to hear what is happening in the fight to retain freedom for Ukrainians.


Speakers -

Michael S. Baker, MD; Rear Admiral USN (ret), who is training battlefield medics on how to treat wounds in Ukraine and has first-hand knowledge of the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian people. He has completed multiple tours of Ukraine since beginning of the war and is currently in Kiev and other locations as of May 15th, 2024.


Dmytro Kushneruk, Ukrainian Consul General, who will give us the most recent insight of internal objectives.



Michael S. Baker - photo courtesy of self. Dmytro Kushneruk photo courtesy of self.

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Willy Vlautin - The Horse: A Novel (Corte Madera Store)

Thursday, August 1, 2024 - 6:00pm

Willy Vlautin

The Horse
A Novel

Corte Madera Store
Thurs., August 1st, 2024 • 6:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

Award-winning author Willy Vlautin explores loneliness, art, regret, and hard-won empathy in this poignant novel—his most personal to date—that captures the life of a journeyman musician unable to escape the tragedies of his past.

Al Ward lives on an isolated mining claim in the high desert of central Nevada fifty miles from the nearest town. A grizzled man in his sixties, he survives on canned soup, instant coffee, and memories of his ex-wife, friends and family he’s lost, and his life as a touring musician. Hampered by insomnia, bouts of anxiety, and a chronic lethargy that keeps him from moving back to town, Al finds himself teetering on the edge of madness and running out of reasons to go on—until a horse arrives on his doorstep: nameless, blind, and utterly helpless.

Al hopes the horse will vanish as mysteriously as he appeared. Yet the animal remains, leaving him in a conundrum. Is the animal real, or a phantom conjured from imagination? As Al contemplates the horse’s existence—and what, if anything, he can do—his thoughts are interspersed with memories, from the moment his mother’s part-time boyfriend gifts him a 1959 butterscotch blonde Telecaster, to the day his travels begin. He joins various bands—all who perform his songs once they discover his talent–playing casinos, truck stops, clubs, and bars. He falls in love, and finds pockets of companionship and minor success along the way. Never close to stardom or financial success, he continues as a journeyman for decades until alcoholism and a heartbreaking tragedy lead him to the solitude of the barren Nevada desert.

A poignant meditation on addiction, heartbreak, and the reality of life on the road in smalltime bands, The Horse is a beautiful, haunting tale from an author working at the height of his powers.


Willy Vlautin is the author of the novels The Motel Life, Northline, Lean on Pete, The Free, Don’t Skip Out on Me, and The Night Always Comes. He is the founding member of the bands Richmond Fontaine and The Delines.


“Willy Vlautin’s characters blaze with honesty, fighting for their slim chance at the American dream.”—Rene Denfeld, author of The Butterfly Girl and The Child Finder

“Willy Vlautin writes about people overlooked by society and overlooked by literature. In The Horse, he tells the story of a tenderhearted man who has a steady talent and a crushing addiction. It is both a work of extraordinary compassion and a really great novel." — Ann Patchett, New York Times Bestselling author of Tom Lake

"The novel itself feels like a classic song, a lament of a lonesome balladeer, resulting in a singular masterpiece. Vlautin has composed another classic." — Booklist

I loved this novel so much, though it broke my heart again and again. No one anywhere writes with such power and such stark beauty about American desperation and want, American loneliness and heartache. We need Willy Vlautin like we needed Johnny Cash, like we needed Larry McMurtry—he’s essential and every book he writes proves it all over again." — Joe Hill, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Full Throttle and Strange Weather

"There's not another writer out there, living or dead, that I trust with my heart more than Willy Vlautin, and he breaks it every damn time. In Al Ward's love and loss, in his decency, his pathos, and his struggle to endure, Vlautin has gifted us a paean to the power of song. The Horse is another classic from one of America's greatest storytellers." — Jonathan Evison, New York Times Bestselling Author of Again and Again

“I loved The Horse like I love all Willy Vlautin joints—for its melodic prose and its unflinching heart. This terrific parable of art and aging, laced within the bittersweet story of an old casino musician, is like the literary equivalent of a classic album by Tom Waits or Townes Van Zandt.” — Jess Walter, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Cold Millions and Beautiful Ruins


Willy Vlautin photo credit Bobby Abrahamson.

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Marie Thouin - What Is Compersion? (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 4:00pm
book photo book photo 

Marie Thouin

What Is Compersion?
Understanding Positive Empathy in Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships

Corte Madera Store

Sat., August 3rd, 2024 • 4:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

What is compersion? Is it the "opposite" of jealousy, as it is usually believed? Is it an emotion or a behavior? What causes it to arise and bloom? Can we "learn" compersion or invite more of it into our lives?

Based on her seminal research with consensually non-monogamous (CNM) individuals, Dr. Marie Thouin unravels these questions and more in the first-ever book to offer a comprehensive model of compersion and a practical road map to cultivating it. Each chapter features compelling stories from real CNM people, making this a captivating and highly applicable read. In addition, Thouin addresses the broader social context, explaining how understanding compersion is a groundbreaking step toward a world that supports relational diversity and freedom. By disrupting the idea that jealousy is the only valid response to intimacy beyond monogamy, the existence and practice of compersion builds the foundation for a completely new paradigm of loving relationships. This book and its conclusions have profound implications for many fields of study and practice including psychology, sexuality studies, philosophy and ethics, and law. Indispensable for CNM individuals, therapists, counselors, and scholars, this book is also invaluable for anyone curious to learn about positive empathy, intentional relationships, and radical love.


Dr. Marie Thouin is a Mindful Dating & Relationship Coach who supports people of all backgrounds in creating intentional and vibrant love lives. She is also a leading scholar on the topic of compersion (positive empathy) and the author of the groundbreaking book, "What is Compersion? Understanding Positive Empathy in Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships”. Marie has published seminal research studies, the first-ever encyclopedia entry on compersion, and is the creator of, a popular website that features her research, blogs, and other resources on compersion. She has been featured in several magazines and podcasts, including ELLE, the Savage Lovecast, and Multiamory.


Over the past three decades, psychotherapy has experienced an important corrective by integrating bodily experiences into its therapeutic approaches. What Is Compersion? by Marie Thouin serves as a critical resource for an evolutionary step in psychotherapy. Understanding compersion will not only equip therapists with new relationship models but also guide their clients in interpersonal pedagogies of joy.

--Joseph Kramer, PhD, somatic sex educator

Dr. Marie Thouin's not just a researcher, she's a philosopher. In her remarkable new book, What Is Compersion?, Thouin unlocks the transformative potential of the simple act of noticing how the joy you can receive from your partner's delight can empower you in so many ways, serving to disempower jealousy and territoriality. Thouin's research demonstrates how the world could look from the point of view of compersion, and how taking joy in your partner's (or friend's or relations of any kind's) happiness can bring joy to you in all of your relationships.

If you are a seeker of sexual freedom and clean love, as I hope you are, for heaven's sake read this book. And then go shine the light of compersion on your lovers, friends, family, and everyone you care about.

--Dossie Easton, LMFT, coauthor with Janet W. Hardy of The Ethical Slut


Marie Thouin photo courtesy of the author


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Mark Atkeson - Risky Business in Rising China (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 1:00pm
book photo book photo 

Mark Atkeson

Risky Business in Rising China

Corte Madera Store

Sat., August 3rd, 2024 • 1:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.


Tech-savvy "bandit" entrepreneurs testing repressive government policies. Corrupt, old-guard executives lining pockets. Highly educated young engineers and managers forging cutting-edge companies. Nouveau riche hiding assets. "Risky Business in Rising China" is an American businessman's in-the-trenches chronicle of three decades working in multiple industries in China's new economy — and a candid account of the conflicting forces that have transformed the world's most-populous nation into an economic (and military) superpower, yet may doom it to spectacular decline without drastic change in central-government direction.



Mark Atkeson took an early career gamble by eschewing work with Corporate America, unlike his fellow Yale engineering grads in 1986, and landing a job in backward but slowly modernizing China: an impoverished nation then vastly overshadowed by Japan's dominance in world trade. Fluent in Chinese, he went on to run companies in fields ranging from aircraft maintenance to electric-vehicle production, mobile internet to venture capital, while he and his wife raised their four children in China. Now living in California, he continues consulting for China-related businesses.


"Atkeson's evocative memoir brings to life an extraordinary passage of China's history. It gives the reader a fully sensory account of what living this journey was like." — James Kynge, Global China editor, The Financial Times

"Mark's observations while living and working in China are incredibly accurate and entertaining. His insights and experiences in China are unrivaled." — John Beliveau, CEO, Austin Currier; former general manager, United Technologies Corp.

"If you want to understand today's China, and the forces changing it, you need to read Atkeson's book." — John Clasen, former director of China business development, Magellan Aviation Group


Mark Atkeson photo courtesy of the author.


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Michael Castleman - The Untold Story of Books (Corte Madera Store & Online)

Sunday, July 28, 2024 - 1:00pm

Michael Castleman

The Untold Story of Books
A Writer's History of Publishing

Corte Madera Store & Live Online

Sun., July 28th, 2024 • 1:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store & live online. Please contact with questions regarding events.

"People don't read books anymore. Who has the time nowadays?" -Lesley's Weekly (1913)


From Gutenberg to Amazon, Michael Castleman's The Untold Story of Books is the first and only history of publishing told from a veteran author's point of view. Witty, entertaining, and full of remarkable new insights, it's a deeply researched, fascinating history of the idiosyncratic book business--aimed at authors, aspiring authors, booksellers, industry professionals, and everyone who loves to read books.

The Untold Story of Books organizes the 600-year saga of publishing into three distinct book businesses, all defined by the evolution of printing: Gutenberg-style hand presses (1450-1870), industrial printing (1870-2000), and digital publishing (2000-?). Castleman explores how each new book business upended its predecessor, forcing authors, publishers, and booksellers to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It's a story full of surprises. Why did books become favored Christmas presents? Because of a poem written in 1823. Why is New York the nation's publishing capital? Because of the Erie Canal. Why are book endorsements are called "blurbs"? Because of a satirist's joke in 1907. And why is copyright often an illusion? Because publishing was founded on book piracy, which today is easier and more rampant than ever.

Arriving at the present day, Castleman paints a compelling portrait of an evolving book business full of new promise and peril. He unpacks the many myths surrounding the writer's relationship to publishers. As tensions in an increasingly disrupted industry mount, Castleman offers a refreshing perspective, grounded in a truth that few would care to admit: writing and publishing have always been incredibly difficult professions-- callings more than livings. Ultimately, The Untold Story of Books equips today's authors with the understanding they need to survive-- and maybe even thrive.


Michael Castleman grew up in Malverne, NY, a Long Island suburb of New York City. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Michigan, and earned an M.A. in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. He has lived in San Francisco since 1975. While editor of Medical Self-Care Magazine, Castleman was also a freelance magazine health writer focusing on optimal wellness, illness prevention, mainstream and alternative treatments, nutrition, fitness, and sexuality. He has written more than 2,500 magazine and Web articles, as well as nineteen books selling over 2.5 million copies. The Untold Story of Books: A Writer's History of Book Publishing is his twentieth.


“Castleman presents a sweeping 600-year chronicle of the book business… a rousing account… [with] fascinating detours… Bibliophiles will be enthralled.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Entertaining, fascinating, deeply researched, and crisply written, The Untold Story of Books is full of surprises. I worked in publishing for thirty years and was amazed how much I learned about the industry. No other book provides such a comprehensive and witty overview. The publishing industry is often shrouded in mystery. This book lifts the veil and provides a fresh, new, compelling perspective. A must-read for authors, aspiring authors, and anyone who loves books.” —Mark Chimsky, former editorial director of Harper San Francisco, former director of trade paperbacks at Little Brown, and former editor-in-chief of the trade paperback division at Macmillan.

“Castleman has created a unique, highly readable title geared toward libraries, authors, book groups, and dedicated, curious readers. It’s delightful the way he relates the history of the technological innovations that have propelled book publishing. Castleman’s concept of the three epochs of publishing works very well. One of my favorite elements is the way he explains the economics of publishing from a writer's point of view. It’s very clear and you don’t have to be a math whiz to follow it. I’ll be telling many people about this book. It’s a tremendous contribution.” —Laura Lent, retired Chief of Collections, San Francisco Public Library



Michael Castleman photo courtesy of the author.

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Sidney Morrison - Frederick Douglass: A Novel (Corte Madera Store)

Tuesday, August 6, 2024 - 6:00pm

Sidney Morrison

Frederick Douglass
A Novel

Corte Madera Store
Tues., Aug. 6th, 2024 • 6:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.


Frederick Douglass was the most prominent African American of the 19th Century and Sidney Morrison has created a mesmerizing historical novel richly detailing his life and the Civil War Era. 

This portrayal of Douglass distinguishes him as one of the founders of American democracy instrumental in ending the institution of slavery from which he escapes to become a fierce abolitionist, gifted orator, and newspaper publisher of The North Star. Douglass collaborates with William Lloyd Garrison, John Brown, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and the Underground Railroad, as well as Presidents Abraham Lincoln to Grover Cleveland and becomes the first African American to hold esteemed political positions such as U.S. Marshal of the District of Columbia and Minister to Haiti.

What makes this portrayal of Douglass unique is that it takes readers beyond the public persona by also detailing the women in his life: Anna Murray Douglass, instrumental to his escape, becomes his wife and the mother to his five children; English abolitionist, Julia Griffith, works with Douglass until a scandalized community whispers about an extramarital affair and she returns to England; German journalist, Ottilie Assing, dies by suicide after years of waiting for Douglass to marry her and instead he marries a white abolitionist 20 years his junior, Helen Pitts, following Anna’s death. These stories are central to understanding the great man as a fully complex human whose life was rich in conflict, drama, and suspense. 

Frederick Douglass dedicated his life to racial equality and this novel is an homage to him as a significant figure in U.S. and African American History.


Sidney Morrison was born in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karan. He is a retired teacher and school principal (elementary, middle and high school, one of the few serving as principal at all three levels), and now a part time educational consultant and leadership coach for school leaders in school districts in Southern California. He also provides professional development in workshops about ethical leadership and diversity/equity issues in schools.

Before retiring he worked in the public schools for 36 years serving as a History and English teacher, then as an assistant principal and principal. Elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of California School Administrations, representing the LA south bay area, he was then elected as state president for 1998-1999. He is proud of ACSA's recognition of his leadership through two major awards. He is also proud of the Bronze Star earned as a medical corpsman assisting the wounded in a minefield during the Vietnam War.



A magisterial work about the life of an extraordinary and passionate hero of American history. Should be required reading! – Margret George, New York Times bestselling author of Elizabeth I, Helen of Troy, and The Memoirs of Cleopatra


This is an important book about America, covering an important period, and focused on an important man. The period has consequences in our own time. So does the man. Meticulously researched, deeply imagined, engagingly told. – Karen Joy Fowler, author of Booth and The Jane Austen Club


Morrison masterfully weaves together history and fiction to create a powerful and compelling portrait of Frederick Douglass. America’s great abolitionist and agitator for social justice, Douglass dedicated his life to the fight against America’s original sin—slavery—demanding that the country live up to its founding ideals and become a more perfect union. This novel encompasses the turbulent Civil War era and details the lesser-known aspects of Douglass’s personal life—from childhood to his passing in 1895. Morrison gives us a completely captivating novel that should be read by all Americans. 

– The Honorable Diane E. Watson, former Congresswoman and U.S. Ambassador



Sidney Morrison photo courtesy of the publicist.

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Pam Houston - Without Exception (Corte Madera Store)

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 - 6:00pm

Pam Houston

Without Exception
Reclaiming Abortion, Personhood, and Freedom

Corte Madera Store
Tues., Sept. 17th, 2024 • 6:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

An unflinching call for freedom by way of abortion rights.

Pam Houston tells the story of how her personal and professional life was powered by access to abortion. Alongside her own account, Houston examines the legal history of abortion and shines a bright light on the impact of reproductive rights on all American women during the days Roe v. Wade was the law of the land.


Pam Houston is the author of the memoir Deep Creek: Finding Hope In The High Country, as well as two novels, Contents May Have Shifted and Sight Hound, two collections of short stories, Cowboys Are My Weakness and Waltzing the Cat, and the essay collection A Little More About Me. Houston teaches in the Creative Writing MFA program at the Institute of American Indian Arts Creative Writing MFA program, is a Professor of English at UC Davis, and cofounder and creative director of the literary nonprofit Writing By Writers. She lives at nine thousand feet above sea level near the headwaters of the Rio Grande.


"A story told with honesty. I thank Pam Houston for this timely and timeless book"


“Houston says ugly true things she doesn’t need to say, things no one would fault her for leaving out, because she knows there’s a reader somewhere who will find the world more hospitable for having read them. To me, that's rigor. That’s love.”

“Without Exception is the radical, wild joy of what is possible when we refuse to be silenced.”
—GINA FRANGELLOBlow Your House Down

“Deeply personal and taboo-busting. Houston argues that abortion is a basic health right, motherhood is a choice, and we need to fight like hell for the freedom to make decisions.”

—JULIE BUCKLES, Honest Dog Books

"A miracle, a revelation, a revolution on the page.”
—STEVE ALMONDAll the Secrets of the World

“Without Exception arrived precisely at the moment when we needed to hear the message that Houston has dedicated her brave life to crafting.”



Pam Houston photo credit Mike Blakeman

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Larry Jacobson - Your Ideal Retirement Workbook (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, July 28, 2024 - 4:00pm
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Larry Jacobson

Your Ideal Retirement Workbook
A Step-By-Step Guide to Retiring with Purpose and Fulfillment

Corte Madera Store
Sun., July 28th, 2024 • 4:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

Personal Goals for Your Golden Years

Planning to retire soon? Already retired? Wondering what to do next? Former CEO Larry Jacobson shares how to set the best personal goals for your next chapter in life.

Turn your dreams into achievements. After years of hard work, you probably feel entitled to a satisfying retirement. But where do you start? What does your post-career life look like for you? Rather than trial and error, receive expert advice from retirement expert Larry Jacobson in Your Ideal Retirement Workbook. Full of expert wisdom, this golden years guidebook shows you how to find your new identity in a post-career world. You can start making the most out of your retirement without wasting time or energy in the wrong direction.

Build the retirement you desire and deserve. Instead of wandering aimlessly, unsure of what to do with your time, Jacobson's effective and easy-to-follow tips and lessons take you on a journey of self-discovery to find your purpose and fulfillment in retirement. Your Ideal Retirement Workbook is a retirement book full of professional experience, research, and real results that will change the quality of your retirement. Featuring practical answers and inspiring examples to take inspiration from, you'll soon be enjoying the retired life of your dreams.

Inside Your Ideal Retirement Workbook, you'll find practical strategies such as:

  • How to analyze risks for seeking your grandest dreams
  • Ways to manage your fears about your decisions and choices
  • Discovering and pursuing your true passions and new identity
  • Finding and implementing the elements of a balanced lifestyle

If you liked the books OutliveRetirement Planning Guidebook, The Boy Behind the Gate, or More Money Now, then you'll love Your Ideal Retirement Workbook.


"Retirement is not the end, but rather the opportunity for a new beginning,” says Larry Jacobson, a leading authority on non-fiscal retirement lifestyle planning. Jacobson’s successful experience from his own business career, retiring from the corporate world, and achieving his personal dreams, is his proven model for coaching. His experience has attracted clients from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, CEO’s, doctors, attorneys, teachers, and public figures.

Jacobson believes everybody has an Encore in them after they retire from their career. “You get a ‘Do- over,’ how cool is that?” asks Larry. He coaches clients to discover their passions, and then combines their passion, knowledge and experience to build a plan of action for a retirement of fulfillment and purpose. “And don’t forget about fun,” he adds. Jacobson is also known for his coaching in leadership, entrepreneurship, and is a certified World Class Speaking Coach.

Successfully transitioning from CEO to sailor, Jacobson achieved his lifelong dream of sailing around the world. After that accomplishment, he transformed himself into a six-time literary award-winning author and two-time TEDx motivational speaker. Now, Buoy Coaching; Training focuses on helping clients redefine retirement. The groundbreaking program, Sail Into Retirement™, has quickly achieved notoriety in the field. Now that same information is available to everyone in this book.

Larry was recently awarded the coveted Retirement Catalyst Award by the Retirement Coaches Association, “For opening new doors, creating new boundaries, influencing others, and being a major contributor to the field of Retirement Lifestyle Coaching.”

A California native, circumnavigator and adventurer, Jacobson has over 50,000 blue water miles under his keel. Larry lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and welcomes new friends and inquiries:


"As an early adopter of coaching people on the nonfinancial aspects of retirement, Larry Jacobson has earned his national recognition as a thought leader in the field. This book's curriculum really does take one from not knowing what to do with one's time in retirement, all the way through to having a plan and knowing the first steps in that plan. Larry goes deep and asks very good questions. The chapters are topics we all face as we turn retirement age, and through the progress you make in the book, Larry helps you redefine the word retirement for your needs and desires. His creativity shines and the writing is five-star all the way. His take on managing your fears is particularly original and his wisdom comes from real experience. This book brings nonfinancial retirement coaching to the masses, and I'm glad to see that it's Larry doing this for all of us."

--Chip Conley, founder and CEO of Modern Elder Academy (MEA), author of Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Life Gets Better With Age


"Larry Jacobson's Your Ideal Retirement Workbook is an essential guide for anyone standing at the precipice of retirement. Meticulously crafted, it offers a unique blend of insightful exercises, practical strategies, and heartfelt advice, ensuring your retirement journey is not just planned, but purposeful and fulfilling. Jacobson's expertise shines through every page, transforming the daunting task of retirement planning into an inspiring voyage of self-discovery and passion pursuit. A must-read for those seeking a vibrant and meaningful post-career life."

--Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, former president of the National Speakers Association, author of Deliver Unforgettable Presentations



Larry Jacobson photo courtesy of the author.


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Cody Delistraty - The Grief Cure: Looking for the End of Loss (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, June 30, 2024 - 4:00pm
book photo book photo 

Cody Delistraty

The Grief Cure
Looking for the End of Loss

Corte Madera Store

Sun., June 30th, 2024 • 4:00pm PT

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In this lyrical and moving story of the world of Prolonged Grief, journalist Cody Delistraty reflects on his experience with loss and explores what modern science, history, and literature reveal about the nature of our relationship to grief and our changing attitudes toward its cure.

When Cody Delistraty lost his mother to cancer in his early 20s, he found himself unsure how to move forward. The typical advice was to move through the five stages, achieve closure, get back to work, go back to normal. So begins a journey into the new frontiers of grief, where Delistraty seeks out the researchers, technologists, therapists, marketers, and communities around the world who may be able to cure the pain of loss in novel ways. From the neuroscience of memory deletion to book prescriptions, laughter therapy, psilocybin, and Breakup Bootcamp, what ultimately emerges is not so much a cure as a fresh understanding of what living with grief truly means. 

As Delistraty created his own ad hoc treatment plan, the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization gave extended, disruptive grief an official name: Prolonged Grief Disorder. A diagnosis, based on meeting several symptoms and contingencies, has opened innovative avenues of treatment and an important conversation about a debilitating form of grief, but it has also opened a debate as to whether this form of grief, no matter how severe and unrelenting, is best approached medically at all.

Braiding deep, emotional resonance with sharp research and historical insight, Delistraty places his own experience in dialogue with great writers and thinkers throughout history who have puzzled over this eternal question: how might we best face loss?


Cody Delistraty is a writer and editor, most recently working as the culture editor at the Wall Street Journal Magazine. He has written for the New York TimesThe New Yorker, the Atlantic, and was the European arts columnist for The Paris Review. He has degrees in politics from New York University and in history from the University of Oxford. British Vogue named him a best young writer of the year.


A wise and perceptive journey into grief and the ways we seek to assuage it. Incredibly powerful reading for all who have known, or who will inevitably know, loss.” —Lauren Elkin, author of Flâneuse and Art Monsters

“In The Grief Cure, Cody Delistraty keenly weaves his own grief into a broader fabric full of curiosity and sorrow, investigating the numerous ways people have tried to heal or move through grief. Delistraty’s voice is insightful and attuned to nuance, exploring the dynamics of grief hierarchies and public performances, always returning to the crucial question that propels his inquiry: When is pain a problem to be solved, and when is it simply part of being alive?” — Leslie Jamison, author of Splinters and The Empathy Exams

“Cody Delistraty is a gifted young writer and reporter who generously lets us into his own experience of grieving, and takes us on a fascinating journey through old and new ways of dealing with loss.” — Jess Walter, author of The Cold Millions and Beautiful Ruins 


Cody Delistraty, photo courtesy of the publicist.


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