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A Reading with Brian Copeland (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, July 31, 2022 - 1:00pm
author photo

Brian Copeland

reading Grandma & Me

Corte Madera Store

Sun., July 31, 2022 • 1:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

A special event featuring a Bay Area comedian/actor favorite, Brian Copeland, reading from his upcoming play.

Grandma & Me: An Ode to Single Parents is about Brian’s mother who was dying when he was 14-years-old, and leaving his grandmother to take care of five kids ranging in age from 14 years-old to 11 months. The play also touches on how Brian eventually found himself as a single parent to three kids.

The play begins previews September 9th at the Marsh (San Francisco), and opens October 8th

Brian Copeland is an award-winning actor, comedian, author, playwright, television and radio talk show host based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Copeland debuted his first one-man play- turned book, Not a Genuine Black Man at the Marsh in San Francisco several years ago. The play explored his childhood experiences as a member of one of the only African American families living in the then almost completely white suburb of San Leandro, California. To date, he has written and performed three subsequent critically acclaimed solo plays including “The Waiting Period” in 2015, the hit Christmas show “The Jewelry Box,” and “The Scion.” In 2019, Copeland partnered with legendary solo performer Charlie Varon to create “The Great American Sh*t Show”: monologues on the age of Trump. 


Brian Copeland photo courtesy of the author


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Left Coast Writers® Todd Crawshaw - The Center's Edge Revisited (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, July 9, 2022 - 2:00pm

Left Coast Writers®
Todd Crawshaw

The Center's Edge Revisited

Corte Madera Store

Sat., July 9, 2022 • 2:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

The Center’s Edge Revisited is a twilight-zone saga about the universe as a spiral, depicting repetitive behavior historically – acts of kindness, abuses of power – the light and dark of humanity evolving toward a meaning of life beyond death.

The novel is a series of four interconnecting short stories:
Book 1 (TRIBES) presents a view of civilization at its beginnings where tribal cooperation and rivalry coincide, producing both goodwill and cruelty, innovations in weaponry, medicine, and the arts. 
Book 2 (EMPIRES) illustrates the result of population growth, cities forming governments, class structures, power struggles, and wealth accumulated through warfare and slavery. 
Book 3 (NATIONS) is a mythological metaphor, the aberration of an inverted Handmaid’s Tale, told to shockingly depict the political insanity and state of disunion resulting in an autocratic overthrow of democracy.
Book 4 (ALIENS) presents a future in which astronauts, searching for extraterrestrial life, enter the abyss of a black hole and are transformed metaphysically by gaining the dimension of time, the ability to dream travel, and the knowledge of their reincarnations and connectivity.

“History never repeats itself. Man always does.” — Voltaire


Todd Crawshaw photo courtesy of the author


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Jack Gedney - The Private Lives of Public Birds (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, August 13, 2022 - 4:00pm

Jack Gedney

The Private Lives
of Public Birds

Corte Madera Store

Sat., August 13, 2022 • 4:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

A book to help the ordinary birdwatcher appreciate the fascinating songs, stories, and science of common birds

Jack Gedney's studies of birds provide resonant, affirming answers to the questions: Who is this bird? In what way is it beautiful? Why does it matter? Masterfully linking an abundance of poetic references with up-to-date biological science, Gedney shares his devotion to everyday Western birds in fifteen essays. Each essay illuminates the life of a single species and its relationship to humans, and how these species can help us understand birds in general. A dedicated birdwatcher and teacher, Gedney finds wonder not only in the speed and glistening beauty of the Anna's hummingbird, but also in her nest building. He acclaims the turkey vulture's and red-tailed hawk's roles in our ecosystem, and he venerates the inimitable California scrub jay's work planting acorns. Knowing that we hear birds much more often than we see them, Gedney offers his expert's ear to help us not only identify bird songs and calls but also understand what the birds are saying. The crowd at the suet feeder will never look quite the same again. Join Gedney in the enchanted world of these not-so-ordinary birds, each enlivened by a hand-drawn portrait by artist Anna Kus Park.

Jack Gedney was born in Marin County, studied literature and natural history at UC Berkeley, and is a co-owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Novato. Jack writes On the Wing, the Marin Independent Journal’s biweekly column on local birds, and has also published a guide to the native trees of the Bay Area.


Jack Gedney photo courtesy of the author


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Michael Goldstein - Blessed Disillusionment (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, July 16, 2022 - 4:00pm

Michael Goldstein

Blessed Disillusionment

Corte Madera Store

Sat., July 16, 2022 • 4:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

Are you tired of hoping that those beholden to the wrong people will do the right thing?

Decades of electoral work and activism have failed to bring us sustainability, peace, or a just society. Blessed Disillusionment shows that there is a reason: the political system operates to absorb discontent while averting the fundamental change we urgently need.

Michael Goldstein also explains why the crises and upheaval we see in the U.S. will inevitably increase. The question is whether our country will fall to neofascism or ascend to true democracy and, in time, the beloved community.

Finally, the book offers a path towards building a massive, nonviolent, but truly revolutionary movement — one based on love melded with clear-eyed realism — that will allow us to pass on to our children a society where they truly govern themselves, in the interests of all.

Michael Goldstein worked until recently as an appellate lawyer, handling death-penalty and other indigent cases. He is a graduate of Princeton's School of Public and International Affairs and Stanford Law School. His previous book was Return of the Light: A Political Fable in Which the American People Retake Their Country. He most recently worked in the movement against police violence, spent nearly three weeks with Water Protectors at Standing Rock, and ran for Nancy Pelosi’s House seat under the slogan, “New faces in Congress cannot stop the rise of fascism or bring us a caring society. Michael will use the office to help build the movement that can.”


Michael Goldstein photo courtesy of the author


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Jess Walter with Tom Barbash - The Angel of Rome (Corte Madera Store)

Thursday, July 7, 2022 - 4:00pm

Jess Walter
in conversation with Tom Barbash

The Angel of Rome

Corte Madera Store

Thurs., July 7, 2022 • 4:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Ruins and The Cold Millions comes a stunning collection about those moments when everything changes — for the better, for the worse, for the outrageous — as a diverse cast of characters bounces from Italy to Idaho, questioning their roles in life and finding inspiration in the unlikeliest places.

We all live like we’re famous now, curating our social media presences, performing our identities, withholding those parts of ourselves we don’t want others to see. In this riveting collection of stories from acclaimed author Jess Walter, a teenage girl tries to live up to the image of her beautiful, missing mother. An elderly couple confronts the fiction writer eavesdropping on their conversation. A son must repeatedly come out to his senile father while looking for a place to care for the old man. A famous actor in recovery has a one-night stand with the world's most surprising film critic. And in the romantic title story, a shy twenty-one-year-old studying Latin in Rome during “the year of my reinvention” finds himself face-to-face with the Italian actress of his adolescent dreams.

Funny, poignant, and redemptive, this collection of short fiction offers a dazzling range of voices, backdrops, and situations. With his signature wit and bighearted approach to the darkest parts of humanity, Walter tackles the modern condition with a timeless touch, once again “solidifying his place in the contemporary canon as one of our most gifted builders of fictional worlds” (Esquire).

Jess Walter is the author of six novels, including the bestsellers Beautiful Ruins and The Financial Lives of the Poets, the National Book Award finalist The Zero, and Citizen Vince, the winner of the Edgar Award for best novel. His short fiction has appeared in Harper'sMcSweeney's, and Playboy, as well as The Best American Short Stories and The Best American Nonrequired Reading. He lives in his hometown of Spokane, Washington.

Tom Barbash is the author of The Dakota Winters and the award-winning novel, The Last Good Chance, which was was awarded the California Book Award, and the short story collection Stay Up With Me, which was a national bestseller and was nominated for the Folio Prize. His nonfiction book, On Top of the World: Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal, was a New York Times bestseller. His stories and articles have been published in Tin House, McSweeney’s, VQR, and other publications, and have been performed on National Public Radio for their Selected Shorts Series. He currently teaches in the MFA program at California College of the Arts. He grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and currently lives in Marin County.


Jess Walter photo courtesy of Rajah Bose; Tom Barbash photo courtesy of the author 


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Anthony Marra - Mercury Pictures Presents (Corte Madera Ticketed Event)

Sunday, August 7, 2022 - 4:00pm

Anthony Marra

Mercury Pictures Presents

Corte Madera Store & Live Online

Sun., August 7, 2022 • 4:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store.  Please contact with questions regarding events.

The epic tale of a brilliant woman who must reinvent herself to survive, moving from Mussolini’s Italy to 1940s Los Angeles — a timeless story of love, deceit, and sacrifice from the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Like many before her, Maria Lagana has come to Hollywood to outrun her past. Born in Rome, where every Sunday her father took her to the cinema instead of church, Maria immigrates with her mother to Los Angeles after a childhood transgression leads to her father’s arrest.

Fifteen years later, on the eve of America’s entry into World War II, Maria is an associate producer at Mercury Pictures, trying to keep her personal and professional lives from falling apart. Her mother won’t speak to her. Her boss, a man of many toupees, has been summoned to Washington by congressional investigators. Her boyfriend, a virtuoso Chinese American actor, can’t escape the studio’s narrow typecasting. And the studio itself, Maria’s only home in exile, teeters on the verge of bankruptcy.

Over the coming months, as the bright lights go dark across Los Angeles, Mercury Pictures becomes a nexus of European émigrés: modernist poets trying their luck as B-movie screenwriters, once-celebrated architects becoming scale-model miniaturists, and refugee actors finding work playing the very villains they fled. While the world descends into war, Maria rises through a maze of conflicting politics, divided loyalties, and jockeying ambitions. But when the arrival of a stranger from her father’s past threatens Maria’s carefully constructed facade, she must finally confront her father’s fate — and her own.

Written with intelligence, wit, and an exhilarating sense of possibility, 
Mercury Pictures Presents spans many moods and tones, from the heartbreaking to the ecstatic. It is a love letter to life’s bit players, a panorama of an era that casts a long shadow over our own, and a tour de force by a novelist whose work The Washington Post calls “a flash in the heavens that makes you look up and believe in miracles.”

Anthony Marra is the New York Times bestselling author of The Tsar of Love and Techno and A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, winner of the National Book Critics Circle’s John Leonard Prize and the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, and longlisted for the National Book Award.


Anthony Marra photo courtesy of Paul Duda

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Bobbie Scopa - Both Sides of the Fire Line (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, September 24, 2022 - 1:00pm

Bobbie Scopa

Both Sides of the Fire Line

Corte Madera Store

Sat., September 24, 2022 • 1:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

Bobbie Scopa spent close to five decades working through nearly every challenge a firefighter can face.

Scopa was a strike team leader for the Dude Fire in 1990, where six firefighters were tragically killed, and she served at Ground Zero immediately after 9/11. She’s worked mountain rescues, city fires, mega-wildfires, and everything in between.

While battling conditions and harsh flames on the outside, she also found herself waging a tougher battle on the inside. Scopa was torn between how to maintain the façade everyone expected of her and whether to live as her true self. “A hero firefighter can’t possibly be transgender, right?” she thought.

Both Sides of the Fire Line is Bobbie Scopa’s uplifting memoir of bravely facing the heat of fierce challenges, professionally and personally.

Bobbie Scopa is a retired firefighter, author, podcast host, and public speaker. She has forty-five years of firefighting experience and has received numerous professional awards and industry recognition, including Firefighter of the Year (1990) from the Professional Firefighters of Arizona; Governor’s Award, State of Arizona (1990); Certificate of Appreciation from the City of New York for work performed at the World Trade Center in 2001; and the Unit Citation Award for efficacy in the U.S. Forest Service (2014). She was a featured speaker at the U.S. Forest Service’s “Pride Outside” diversity, equity, and inclusion event in June 2021. She is also the host of the podcast Scopa divides her time between Puget Sound, Washington, and Scottsdale, Arizona.


Bobbie Scopa photo courtesy of the author


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Rhys Bowen - Where the Sky Begins (Corte Madera Store)

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 1:00pm

Rhys Bowen

Where the Sky Begins

Corte Madera Store

Tues., August 2, 2022 • 1:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

A woman's future is determined by fate and choice in a gripping WWII novel about danger, triumph, and second chances by the New York Times bestselling author of The Venice Sketchbook and The Tuscan Child.

London, 1940. Bombs fall and Josie Banks's world crumbles around her. Her overbearing husband, Stan, is unreachable, called to service. Her home, a ruin of rubble and ash. Josie's beloved tearoom boss has been killed, and Josie herself is injured, with nothing left and nowhere to go.

Evacuated to the English countryside, Josie ends up at the estate of the aristocratic Miss Harcourt, a reluctant host to the survivors of the Blitz. Awed as she is by the magnificent landscape, Josie sees opportunity. Josie convinces Miss Harcourt to let her open a humble tea shop, seeing it as a chance for everyone to begin again. When Josie meets Mike Johnson, a handsome Canadian pilot stationed at a neighboring bomber base, a growing intimacy brings her an inner peace she's never felt before. Then Stan returns from the war.

Now a threat looms larger than anyone imagined. And a dangerous secret is about to upend Josie's life again. Her newfound courage will be put to the test if she is to emerge, like a survivor, triumphant.

Rhys Bowen, a New York Times bestselling author, has been nominated for every major award in mystery writing, including the Edgar®, and has won many, including both the Agatha and Anthony awards. She is the author of the Royal Spyness Mysteries, set in 1930s London, the Molly Murphy Mysteries, set in turn-of-the-century New York, and the Constable Evans Mysteries, set in Wales. She was born in England and now divides her time between Northern California and Arizona.


Rhys Bowen photo courtesy of Douglas Sonders


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Margaret Wilkerson Sexton - On The Rooftop (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, September 18, 2022 - 4:00pm

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

On The Rooftop 

Corte Madera Store

Sun., September 18, 2022 • 4:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.

On The Rooftop is a stunning novel about a mother whose dream of musical stardom for her three daughters collides with the daughters’ ambitions for their own lives — set against the backdrop of gentrifying 1950s San Francisco.

At home they are just sisters, but on stage, they are The Salvations. Ruth, Esther, and Chloe have been singing and dancing in harmony since they could speak. Thanks to the rigorous direction of their mother, Vivian, they’ve become a bona fide girl group whose shows are the talk of the Jazz-era Fillmore.

Now Vivian has scored a once-in-a-lifetime offer from a talent manager, who promises to catapult The Salvations into the national spotlight. Vivian knows this is the big break she’s been praying for. But sometime between the hours of rehearsal on their rooftop and the weekly gigs at the Champagne Supper Club, the girls have become women, women with dreams that their mother cannot imagine.

The neighborhood is changing, too: all around the Fillmore, white men in suits are approaching Black property owners with offers. One sister finds herself called to fight back, one falls into the comfort of an old relationship, another yearns to make her own voice heard. And Vivian, who has always maintained control, will have to confront the parts of her life that threaten to splinter: the community, The Salvations, and even her family.

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton studied creative writing at Dartmouth College and law at UC Berkeley. Her most recent novel, The Revisioners, won a 2020 Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize and an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work and was a national bestseller as well as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. Her debut novel, A Kind of Freedom, was long-listed for the National Book Award. She lives in Oakland with her family.


Margaret Wilkerson Sexton photo courtesy of Smeeta Mahanti


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Joan Frank - Late Work & Juniper Street (Corte Madera Store)

Thursday, October 27, 2022 - 4:00pm

Joan Frank

Late Work &
Juniper Street

Corte Madera Store

Thurs., October 27, 2022 • 4:00pm PT

This event will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.
"Late Work gets to the heart of how a mature writer makes work that matters. At once wry, generous, and brutally honest, it is an essential guide for serious writers and readers of all ages." — Yang Huang, author of My Good Son: A Novel
"The work of the writer, late and soon, is life itself . . . it's that simple, that difficult. Through analogy and example, Joan Frank's essays take us with her into a dimming world: to look, to feel, to cherish and forgive. This is a rich, real collection." — Carol Sklenicka, author of Alice Adams: Portrait of a Writer
"Questioning her assumptions (and ours as well), this vastly well-read author takes us through the slings and arrows of the literary life, arriving at a place of wisdom and sanity." — Phillip Lopate, author of To Show and to Tell: The Craft of Literary Nonfiction

Late Work -

Curious, ruminative, and wry, this literary autobiography tours what Rachel Kushner called the strange remove that is the life of the writer. Frank's essays cover a vast spectrum — from handling dismissive advice, facing the dilemma of thwarted ambition, and copying the generosity that inspires us, to the miraculous catharsis of letter-writing and some of the books that pull us through. Useful for writers at any stage of development, Late Work offers a seasoned artist's thinking through the exploration of issues, paradoxes, and crises of faith. Like a lively conversation with a close, outspoken friend, each piece tells its experience from the trenches.

Juniper Street -

Book description TK 

Joan Frank is the author of twelve books of literary fiction and nonfiction. Where You're All Going: Four Novellas won the Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction and the gold medal Independent Publishers Book Award. Try to Get Lost: Essays on Travel and Place won the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize. A MacDowell and Vermont Studio Center Fellow, Joan's work has received many honors and awards, including the Juniper Prize for the Novel and two ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards. Joan also reviews literary fiction and nonfiction for the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the San Francisco Chronicle. She lives in Santa Rosa.


Joan Frank photo courtesy of the author


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