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Surviving a Borderline Parent: How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds & Build Trust, Boundaries, and Self-Esteem Cover Image
By Kimberlee Roth, Randi Kreger (Foreword by)
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Sybil: The Classic Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities Cover Image
Sometimes I Act Crazy: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder Cover Image
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The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: The Psychoses Cover Image
By Jacques Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller (Editor), Russell Grigg (Translated by), Russell Grigg (Notes by)
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The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder Cover Image
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Synesthesia (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series) Cover Image
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In the Eye of the Hurricane: Skills to Calm and De-escalate Aggressive Mentally Ill Family Members Cover Image
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VRx: How Virtual Therapeutics Will Revolutionize Medicine Cover Image
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Invisible Darkness: The Horrifying Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Cover Image
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The Essential Anatomy of Melancholy (Dover Books on Literature & Drama) Cover Image
Out of Print
Selecting Effective Treatments: A Comprehensive, Systematic Guide to Treating Mental Disorders Cover Image
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The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President - Updated and Expanded with New Essays Cover Image
By Bandy X. Lee, Robert Jay Lifton (Contributions by), Gail Sheehy (Contributions by), William J. Doherty (Contributions by), Noam Chomsky (Contributions by), M.D. Herman, Judith Lewis (Contributions by), Ph.D. Zimbardo, Philip (Contributions by), Rosemary Sword (Contributions by), Ph.D. Malkin, Craig (Contributions by), Tony Schwartz (Contributions by), M.D. Dodes, Lance (Contributions by), Ph.D. Gartner, John D. (Contributions by), Ph.D. Tansey, Michael J. (Contributions by), M.D. Reiss, David M. (Contributions by), Esq. Herb, James A., M.A. (Contributions by), M.P.H. Glass, Leonard L., M.D. (Contributions by), M.D. Friedman, Henry J. (Contributions by), M.D. Gilligan, James (Contributions by), D.M.H.P. Jhueck, Diane, L.M.H.C. (Contributions by), A.B.P.P. Covitz, Howard H., Ph.D. (Contributions by), L.M.S.W. Teng, Betty P., M.F.A. (Contributions by), Psy.D. Panning, Jennifer Contarino (Contributions by), L.L.P. West, Harper, M.A. (Contributions by), M.D. Kessler, Luba (Contributions by), M.D. Wruble, Steve (Contributions by), M.D. Singer, Thomas (Contributions by), L.C.P.C. Mika, Elizabeth, M.A. (Contributions by), Ph.D. Fisher, Edwin B. (Contributions by), M.D. Gartrell, Nanette (Contributions by), Ph.D. Mosbacher, Dee, M.D. (Contributions by), Stephen Soldz (Contributions by), Ellyn Kaschak (Contributions by), James Merikangas (Contributions by), Jerrold M. Post (Contributions by), Kevin Washington (Contributions by), Lise van Susteren (Contributions by), Nassir Ghaemi (Contributions by), Norman Eisen (Contributions by), Prudence Gourgechon (Contributions by), Rosa Bramble (Contributions by), Jeffrey Sachs (Foreword by)
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