A Moment In Time (Hardcover)

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By Jennifer Butenas, Charlotte Cheng (Illustrator)
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A Moment In Time is about a family enjoying their time together

while simply just being together. The Mom captures their special

family moments using a camera. A Moment In Time takes place

on the front porch where each character expresses themselves in

mindful yet silly and fun ways. The beat of the book gets the kids

moving. A Moment In Time will reach children from ages 3 to 10.

For the younger reader, they can recall their own special family

moments while enjoying the bright, colorful illustrations, and

rhythm and rhyme of the book. An older child might do just that,

but also extend their enjoyment by capturing their own moments

on vacation, and then creating their own scrapbooks. The

underlying message of A Moment In Time is promoting

mindfulness: that this vacationing family doesn't need to be

packing it all in or doing a list of planned events, when all they

need to do is be. The end pages beautifully mimic the look of a

family photo album with year round pictures of the family’s

holiday celebrations and special times. Perfect for a family going

on vacation or as a present for a special birthday or holiday!

Praise For…

“A beautifully illustrated book that will help parents start a conversation with their children about how they do not need to be doing anything special to have fun together as a family.” writes Bethany Brace from the Fremont


“A fantastic children’s story that captures the happy details of a family simply enjoying their time together on vacation. Gorgeous illustrations quickly draw the reader into the scenes and the rhymes are irresistible to read out loud!” writes Caitlin Doggart , co-owner of Where The Sidewalk Ends bookstore in Chatham, Massachusetts.

“We read A Moment In Time to our 5-day pre-k/k class! Reading it as a chant the children quickly recognized the rhythm and rhyme in the book. The story and the bold text along with colorful illustrations made it easy for the children to connect to. A Moment in Time would be a great choice to read in any classroom. This book encourages wonderful conversations with children about enjoying and appreciating the simplest moments!” writes Catherine Yeaton, Building Block School Director and Owner.

“This adorable, colorful and energetic new book will get the kids moving to the beat of its rhymed couplets. The plot is simple: A family of four on a Cape Cod summer day discover that there’s fun in the simplest of activities-

dancing on the lawn, listening to music, snoozing in a rocking chair. And each one of those moments can be captured for all time with a camera and a little imagination. Charlotte Cheng’s illustrations are big and bright, while Jennifer Butenas’ rhymes are perfect to read aloud.” writes Melanie Lauwers from The Cape Cod Times.
Product Details
ISBN: 9890984003907
Publisher: The Perfect Moment, LLC
Publication Date: May 1st, 2012
Pages: 40