...And Don't Forget to SMILE!: How We Turned Heartache and Despair to Hope and Happiness (Paperback)

...And Don't Forget to SMILE!: How We Turned Heartache and Despair to Hope and Happiness By Peter Saunders, Jody Saunders Cover Image
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Creative, thought provoking and "cheeky" conversations between a laid back, humorous British husband (caregiver) and his loving, emotional wife (patient).

Together we share our journey of turning despair into hope and embracing life despite a severe, painful, chronic illness.

Jody: As long as I had my mitt and a few softballs, my life had some order and meaning. That is until, as a young adult, my body went all "autoimmune" on me. In the chaos and confusion, my softball gear still managed to accompany me in the, far too common, hospitalizations. But where were my answers? Where was my hope of surviving this strange new world? Maybe, I should write a book. Especially after the encouragement of a couple writing successes - This would not be from an MD's perspective, but from a fellow sufferer. It had to reach others intimately acquainted with the pain and devastation connected with chronic or acute illness. Finally, when my brother's mental pain led him to try to take his life, the idea cemented, I neededto write a book

Peter: Are you joking? Jody shared her "good idea" with me. Since she was put on hospice, she would need my help. Together we would write a book. But Jody, I don't know anything about writing a book

Jody: It will be fun It will be easy (Famous last words) We can do this

Peter: I knew there would be no getting around this. When Jody gets a "good idea," there's no turning back. We would write a book or die trying So, for Jody's sake, we have attempted to share our struggles and stories of both the patient and primary caregiver.

Jody: This book is written to share with fellow sufferers, that with humor and a SMILE, we can learn to live a happy, fulfilled life, with any type of illness or struggle.

We hope you are inspired, uplifted and that this book helps you SMILE no matter what you may be facing.

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ISBN: 9798986146201
Publisher: Peter Saunders
Publication Date: September 9th, 2022
Pages: 184
Language: English