Spargeltarzan (Paperback)

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Title: "Spargeltarzan: A Coloring Adventure with a Twist"

Welcome to "Spargeltarzan," an adult coloring book that invites you to explore the whimsical world of German insults through the art of coloring In this unique and entertaining coloring experience, you'll encounter playful illustrations accompanied by the intriguing German insult, "Spargeltarzan."

"Spargeltarzan" translates to "Asparagus Tarzan" in English, and it's a humorous term used to describe someone who is perceived as thin or lanky, resembling the slender shape of asparagus. In German culture, it's a light-hearted and affectionate way to poke fun at someone's slender physique. This coloring book not only provides a canvas for your creative expression but also introduces you to the cultural nuances behind this charming insult.

Get ready to embark on a coloring journey that celebrates individuality and adds a touch of humor to your artistic endeavors. Unleash your creativity as you bring these amusing illustrations to life and discover the beauty of embracing uniqueness, even if it means being a Spargeltarzan

Product Details
ISBN: 9798869063526
Publisher: Adult Coloring
Publication Date: December 14th, 2023
Pages: 102
Language: German