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Animal Heroes is a great wildlife story book by the great Canadian naturalist, Ernest Thompson Seton. This classic work of wildlife fiction features the following contents and snippet: The slum cat -- Arnaux, the chronicle of a homing pigeon -- Badlands Billy, the wolf that won -- The boy and the lynx -- Little Warhorse, the history of a jack-rabbit -- Snap, the story of a bull-terrier -- The Winnipeg wolf -- The legend of the white reindeer. A hero is an individual of unusual gifts and achievements. Whether it be man or animal, this definition applies; and it is the histories of such that appeal to the imagination and to the hearts of those who hear them. In this volume every one of the stories, though more or less composite, is founded on the actual life of a veritable animal hero. The most composite is the White Reindeer. This story I wrote by Utrovand in Norway during the summer of 1900, while the Reindeer herds grazed in sight on the near uplands. The Lynx is founded on some of my own early experiences in the backwoods. It is less than ten years since the 'Jack Warhorse' won his hero-crown. Thousands of "Kaskadoans" will remember him, and by the name Warhorse his coursing exploits are recorded in several daily papers. The least composite is Arnaux. It is so nearly historical that several who knew the bird have supplied additional items of information.
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