The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon - Updated and Revised (Paperback)

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon - Updated and Revised By Miguel Judice Cover Image
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  • An insider's guide to Lisbon and its hidden secrets and addresses
  • An inspirational and practical guide to Lisbon's finest and most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighborhoods, gardens and cafes
  • Photography by Manuel Gomes da Costa
  • Revised and updated edition

"If you really want to get under the skin of a city, the 500 Hidden Secrets series, which covers a number of cities from Havana to Ghent, all written by people who know the cities inside out, is ideal. It's an innovative and refreshing take on the traditional travel guide." - The Independent

Where are the 5 best places to eat like a Portuguese? Which are the 5 best restaurants for Petiscos? Where can you find the nicest salons and barber shops? Which are the 5 best places to see Azulejos? Where will you find the most unique lifts and elevators? The best Lisbon area beaches? The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon reveals these good-to-know places and many more. An affectionate and informed guide to Lisbon, written by a true local. This is a book for visitors who want to avoid the usual tourist spots and for residents who are keen to track down the city's best-kept secrets.

Contents: 105 Places to Eat or Buy Good Food; 65 Places to Go for a Drink and Party; 70 Places to Shop; 25 Buildings to Admire; 50 Places to Discover Lisbon; 75 Places to Enjoy Culture; 20 Things to do with Children; 25 Places to Sleep; 45 Weekend Activities; 20 Good-to-know Facts and Urban Details.

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ISBN: 9789460583056
ISBN-10: 9460583059
Publisher: Uitgeverij Luster
Publication Date: May 25th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English