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First published in 1919 under the pseudonym Emil Sinclair, 'Demian' is an assessment of the attainment of self-awareness by a troubled adolescent. The novel is a popular work of Hermann Hesse, one of Germany's most influential writers and thinkers, and poet who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946. The central theme of Hesse's work is the individual's struggles to break out of the established manners of civilization so as to find an essential spirit and identity.

'Demian' tracks the life of a perturbed German youth as he navigates the duality of a world filled with illusions and spiritual truth. When Sinclair first meets childhood classmate Max Demian, his eyes are opened to the contradictions of his existing Christian knowledge. As Sinclair resumes to question his worldview, the two friends are separated and reunited throughout their lives, with each meeting being a vantage for Sinclair to reconcile a world at conflict. He ascends on his path to freedom and a realization of self as the friendship grows in surprising and explosive ways.

It is a classic coming-of-age tale that continues to inspire generations of readers in its quest for good and evil, morality, and self-discovery. Given its subject matter, the story is a popular choice for young readers, one that explores the interesting psychological underpinnings of growing up.

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