Management of credit risk in commercial banks (Paperback)

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When I write this introduction to the study "Management of Credit Risk in Commercial Banks," I think back to 1972, when I was given the chance to run the Credit Department at the Indian Bank's Calcutta Main Branch. I had just finished my two years of training as an officer. I had never been to school or worked in the Credit Department before. It was all about learning on the job.

2. Working in credit operations made me realize that banking is much more than just crunching numbers and doing accounting. It has a huge potential to help businesses, make money, and help people. After that, I became very interested in figuring out credit risk so that I could help people who really needed it and help the bank make more money.

3. In 1975, when I was 29 years old and a Branch Manager, I was able to evaluate the credit risk of two students and help them get loans so they could go to college. This was a long time before the banking system started offering educational loans around the year 2000. One of them went on to become an executive at a big company, which is a very good thing. My interest in managing credit risk grew as I worked with credit accounts ranging from small student loans to very large corporate advances.

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