The Essence of Shinto: Japan's Spiritual Heart (Hardcover)

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In The Essence of Shinto, revered Shinto master Motohisa Yamakage explains the core values of Shinto and explores both basic tenets and its more esoteric points in terms readily accessible to the modern Western reader. He shows how the long history of Shintoism is deeply woven into the fabric of Japanese spirituality and mythology--indeed, it is regarded as Japan's very spiritual roots--and discusses its role in modern Japan and the world. He also carefully analyzes the relationship of the spirit and the soul, which will provide informed and invaluable insight into how spirituality affects our daily existence. Through the author's emphasis on the universality of Shinto and its prevalence in the natural world, the book will appeal to all readers with an appreciation of humanity's place in nature and the individual's role in the larger society.

About the Author

Motohisa Yamakage was born in 1925 and brought up in an old Shintoist family. In 1956, he became the 79th Grand Master of Yamakage Shinto. Grand Master Yamakage has played a leading role in introducing Shinto to people around the world and many of his essays, translated into German, French, and English, have been published in leading European magazines. In 2005, Motohisa Yamakage retired and was succeeded by hisson, Hitoyoshi Yamakage.
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ISBN: 9784770030443
Publisher: Kodansha International
Publication Date: May 1st, 2007
Pages: 229