Tenacity in Children: Nurturing the Seven Instincts for Lifetime Success (Paperback)

Tenacity in Children: Nurturing the Seven Instincts for Lifetime Success By Sam Goldstein, Robert B. Brooks Cover Image
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Tenacity in Children examines how multiple generations of parents and caregivers raised children to become successful adults. Until relatively recent times in human history, there were no schools or organized institutions, nor were there parenting books. Rather, caregivers depended on the seven important instincts that evolved across tens of thousands of years in the human species. This volume highlights the ways in which these instincts are more important than ever in preparing children for tomorrow's successes. Key areas of coverage include individual chapters devoted to examining each of the seven instincts - intuitive optimism, intrinsic motivation, compassionate empathy, simultaneous intelligence, genuine altruism, virtuous responsibility, and measured fairness - as well as practical strategies to guide children in acquiring and fine-tuning these essential human instincts.

Tenacity in Children provides a solid foundation to prepare children for a resilient and happy future. It offers well-defined guideposts for adults committed to providing every child with the opportunity to access, strengthen, and employ these instincts as they negotiate childhood and passage into adult life. This book also serves as a rich resource for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in mental health and public health disciplines as well as many interrelated fields as we all strive to promote the well-being of children.

The collaboration of these two esteemed psychologists has been impacting on our field for decades. This new book continues that tradition.

- Richard D. Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed.
Author of It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend:
Helping Children with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success

Tenacity in Children is the perfect balance between concepts, knowledge, scientific discourse, practical ideas and touching stories that truly illustrate the principles shared in the book. This book should reach the hands of every person dedicated to working with children.

- Encarni Gallardo, MBA, CBM
Executive Director, Children's Service Society of Utah

Written in an easy-to-read, narrative style, Drs. Goldstein and Brooks impart their innovative concept of Tenacity in Children along with its seven essential instincts by using heartwarming stories, personal and professional insights, research, and wisdom.

- Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D.
Co-author of Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within

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About the Author

Sam Goldstein is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, the University of Utah School of Medicine (USA). and certified School Psychologist in the State of Utah. He is also Board Certified as a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and listed in the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the National Academy of Neuropsychology. He has authored, co-edited or co-authored over fifty clinical and trade publications, three dozen book chapters, nearly three dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles and eight psychological and neuropsychological tests. Since 1980, he has served as Clinical Director of The Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert Brooks is currently on the faculty of Harvard Medical School (part-time) and is the former Director of the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital, a private psychiatric hospital. He is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology, as well as listed in the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He has authored, co-edited or co-authored 18 books and, in addition, authored or co-authored almost three dozen book chapters and more than three dozen peer reviewed scientific articles.
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