Shaping Psychology: Perspectives on Legacy, Controversy and the Future of the Field (Paperback)

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1. Introduction.- 2. Elizabeth F. Loftus: Cognitive Psychology, Witness Testimony and Human Memory.- 3. Jerome Kagan: Temperament, Developmental Psychology and Methodology.- 4. Michael I. Posner: Cognitive Neuroscience, Attention Networks and Training the Brain.- 5. Scott O. Lilienfeld: Clinical Psychology, Evidence-Based Treatments and Skepticism.- 6. Robert J. Sternberg: Intelligence, Love, Creativity and Wisdom.- 7. Robert Plomin: Behavioral Genetics.- 8. Susan J. Blackmore: Parapsychology, Memetics and Consciousness.- 9. Joseph E. LeDoux: Fear, Anxiety, Emotions, Consciousness and Evolution.- 10. Noam Chomsky: Psycholinguistics.- 11. Roy F. Baumeister: Self-esteem, Self-control and the Power of Will.- 12. Erica Burman: Developmental Psychology, Feminist Research and Methodology.- 13. Brian A. Nosek: Open Science and Reproducibility Projects.- 14. Vikram H. Patel: Global Mental Health.- 15. Daniel Kahneman: Decision-making, Adversarial Collaboration and Hedonic Psychology.- 16. Carol A. Tavris: Cognitive Dissonance, Gender, Feminism, and Skepticism.

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Tomasz Witkowski is a psychologist, science writer, skeptic and the author of several dozen science papers, several hundred popular science articles and fourteen books. Witkowski's previous books include Psychology Gone Wrong and Psychology Led Astray.
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