Incendio (Paperback)

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Incendio: noun; Spanish; To be consumed by flame.

Marlena Allesandro Sanchez' traditional and regimented world is set afire when the dashing Tristan Flynn arrives at her ancestral home in Zaragoza, with her promiscuous Aunt Juliana in tow. Severely burned, Juliana's wicked ways have come to an end when her life is nearly consumed by flame; but in rescuing her from a fiery fate, Tristan's actions have put him on a collision course with his own destiny. Marlena eyes the handsome foreigner with suspicion at first, but soon sees him in a very different light, and as a means to escape her predictable, unexciting life. Marlena awakens dark desires in Tristan's soul, but he dares not give in to his lust and struggles to keep his distance from the brunette ing nue until competition for her affections makes himself known. Local do-gooder Ernesto Alvarez has loved Marlena since childhood, and won't give her up without a fight. In the waning years of Franco's reign, Tristan and Marlena explore the rich and passionate corners of Zaragozan life, but when fire threatens to destroy her hometown, choices must be made that will change the course of all their futures.

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ISBN: 9781999450090
ISBN-10: 1999450094
Publisher: Clearcom Enterprises
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 210
Language: English