Dishonor Among Thieves (Paperback)

Dishonor Among Thieves By Callie Chase Cover Image
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A vampire with a dark past...

Neoruzzi Oderisi wants nothing more than revenge on his nemesis, but the vampire raider who deceived him has vanished. There is only one explanation for Lord Haeloc's disappearance-dark magic.

An orphan thief with forbidden knowledge...

Brexia Eloise may have sticky fingers, but she takes care of her own-including a fellow orphan who's missing. But finding work isn't easy for a woman on the run with a past full of dangerous secrets.

An epic fantasy adventure...

Neo will stop at nothing to destroy the threat that keeps his entire family in peril.

He doesn't intend to recruit Brex for the quest, but she has a way of helping herself to everything she wants: Neo's treasury, his home, and the depths of his scarred heart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781959415008
ISBN-10: 195941500X
Publisher: Callie Chase
Publication Date: October 17th, 2022
Pages: 296
Language: English