Today for Tomorrow: A Field Guide to Scenario Planning (Paperback)

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How do you plan for an unknowable future?

That's the question everyone's asking. Just take a look around: supply chain disruptions, material and product shortages, rising costs. Disruption after disruption. Uncertainty everywhere.

If you want to wrap your arms around a complex and rapidly changing world, you need a tool that can confidently prepare you for the long term.

You need scenario planning.

Today for Tomorrow walks you - step-by-step - through a powerful, structured process that helps you manage a future that can't be predicted, explore possibilities, and deal with complexity in a way that traditional, short-term planning simply can't.

In this actionable, easy-to-follow book, you'll learn:

- The ten stages of scenario planning - and foolproof ways to bring the scenarios you create to life

- How scenarios can expand your mindset, limit groupthink, and challenge conventional wisdom

- The one word that will ignite your imagination

- A framework that helps you eliminate bias and evaluate trends and weak signals

- How to pinpoint a strong focal question and validate a scenario grid

- Exactly where in the scenario planning process to apply the Goldilocks Principle - and why.

Today for Tomorrow is a super practical resource any leader craving a more resilient, future-proof organization can pick up. Yes, you (and every small business, not-for-profit, and multinational corporation) can use scenario planning to take action today for a better future.

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ISBN: 9781956989144
ISBN-10: 1956989145
Publisher: Get It Done Productions
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 130
Language: English