Marriage Counseling Secrets: 7 Heart Winning Secrets of Improving Communication with Your Spouse and Build a Long-lasting Relationship (Paperback)

Marriage Counseling Secrets: 7 Heart Winning Secrets of Improving Communication with Your Spouse and Build a Long-lasting Relationship By Goldink Books Cover Image
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  • Are you having difficulties connecting with your partner in marriage?
  • Do you feel your marriage needs compassion, understanding, forgiveness, intimacy, and romance?
  • Are you looking for a guide to give your marriage a bit of a push?

This book holds the seven secrets to a happy and satisfying marriage. It will help you and your marriage by developing a better perspective on:

  • The bliss of marriage, i.e., what it can do for you both mentally and physically. A boost in emotional security, happiness, mental health, physical health, longevity, and financial status are of the many perks of marriage.
  • Why is marriage so hard? Mental adjustment, preconditioned fantasy mindset, and communication are the top reasons.
  • Importance of effective communication between couples and then description strategies in detail to achieve it, i.e., active listening, active speaking, and non-verbal communication.
  • A fundamental pillar of marriage: "Understanding." Exploring yourself, learning your partner's love language, nurturing curiosity in yourself, practicing empathy, and honestly opening up your partner are the key elements of developing an understanding of your partner.
  • Importance of the four kinds of intimacy, i.e., emotional intimacy, recreational intimacy, physical intimacy, and intellectual intimacy. Making new moments together, learning to be vulnerable, showing physical affection, and accepting your partner while avoiding comparison are some of the strategies to develop an intimate relationship with your partner.
  • The significance of making time for your partner. Evaluating quality time together, sharing a year calendar, putting the tech away and planning date night regularly are some of the effective ways you can spend time with your loved one.
  • The factors that can contribute to financial issues. Some of the ways you can keep yourself from a financial disaster are talking it out with your partner, deciding on separate or combined finances, designating fun money, creating a budget with your partner, and tackling bills effectively.
  • The three levels of appreciation and some ways we can go about them, i.e., showing vocal gratitude, understanding the power of small gestures, publicly acknowledging your partner, and keeping a gratitude journal.
  • Why do we need forgiveness in a marriage? and then moving on to the steps to help you forgive your partner, i.e., setting your perspective, looking at the bright side, making room for empathy, and putting your misery behind yourself.
  • The dos and don'ts and tips for a healthy marriage.

Click away if you feel like your marriage deserves another chance to be as fulfilling and beautiful as it once was

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ISBN: 9781956913224
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Publisher: Goldink Publishers LLC
Publication Date: October 16th, 2021
Pages: 124
Language: English