kiss & release (Paperback)

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A meditation in a rush, kiss & release is driven by the intense voice of an observant, insistent & emotional "I." He's an urban gay man who admits he's here with a date, but you never know how the night will end. He has several loves, at least a few fuckboys, and many questions:

most spells are made with words & broken by a kiss, why not the other way around?

what is more intimate than a whisper?

how long will yr wife be gone?

Have you ever noticed it? asks "Love Is Finished Again," a poem cycle revealed in seven movements. The sequence muses on how we end up in the same place over & over in sex & love & everything. The only real change is through decay that makes ruins, noseless busts, caves of Pompeii, brothel rooms. Even language & communication decay, as a number of mashup and collaborative poems explore.

Are you ready for the beats? This book is a party and a romance. It's a lucid dream.

This poetry accuses, brags, confesses, obsesses, panics & promises. It discos, raves & swings. It falls in love during a hookup but gets bored at a four-way. It woos the Zodiac; tries to get its virginity back; invents sex as a religion, mythologizes masculinity & succumbs to its devils; kills a snake to resurrect a lover; gives a blowjob at a dirty book store; goes to see bad performance art; looks for love & finds it everywhere/wherever.

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ISBN: 9781956692877
ISBN-10: 1956692878
Publisher: Unsolicited Press
Publication Date: February 13th, 2024
Pages: 130
Language: English