The Compassion Remedy (Hardcover)

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Does compassion have a place in medicine?

Compassion has long been considered a "soft" skill in health care - nice to have, but ultimately unnecessary in a science-driven field. However, recent challenges in delivering care (including but not limited to the global pandemic) have revealed the need for a more compassionate approach to protect the health and well-being of patients and medical staff alike.

Compassion is a state of being which affects not only psychological health but our physiology. When applied in a pragmatic fashion, compassion can lower stress levels, alleviate anxiety and depression, improve overall physical health, and allow us to navigate challenging situations with more grace. Cutting-edge research is now revealing just how powerful these psychophysiological effects are, and how even basic compassion-based practices can have long-lasting effects on both physical and mental health.

This book will empower you to understand what compassion truly is-and just as importantly, what it isn't-so you can care for yourself and others at the highest level of integrity, both in and out of clinical situations. Packed with insightful stories, illuminating research, and pragmatic instruction, this book is the definitive guide for health care providers who wish to bring more balance and joy to their work every day.

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ISBN: 9781955811361
ISBN-10: 1955811369
Publisher: Worldchangers Media
Publication Date: December 4th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English