The Accountability Code: Wake Up and Show Up (Hardcover)

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Nowadays, more and more yoga and other self-help mentors are popping up, just about everywhere you turn. Mostly, they promise you peace and better health. And many of them try to give you a completely new philosophical perspective on the entire universe and your place in it, usually echoing some Oriental viewpoint about this life and life after death. They do some good and help some people in general ways, but rarely do they try to help you solve your personal problems about your everyday life.

In this book, The Accountability Code, author Marci Barker shares her professionally and personally developed six-point system called - you guessed it - the Accountability Code, to not only help you with your sense of well-being and your physical fitness, but also to help you solve your very own personal problems. Marci has a university degree in Life and Fitness (how many other mentors or trainers do you know that have a bona fide collegiate degree related directly to their work?) and her several years of successful teaching experiences as a personal trainer (see the many very positive testimonials of highly satisfied clients on her website) to authenticate her and her expertise.

Marci has set up a fun, personable website at that is filled with free, short videos featuring Marci herself talking with you to help you set up your own treatment program of mindset orientation, movement exercises, and nutrition advice. You can also engage in live online chats with Marci there, as well as set up a personal, over-the-phone consulting appointment with her for personal help geared to your specific situation or pressing problem.

The following list of the six principles of her Accountability Code in this book shows what she trains you to focus on to go even beyond all her online help in mindset, movement, and nutrition:

Reflection -- meditate on your feelings about your values, goals, problems

Humility -- modestly review your importance, related to who you can be

Planning -- make a written, detailed proposal for achieving success

Implementing -- put into use your plan and your desired skills or values

Commitment -- dedicate yourself to a person or a cause

Feedback -- evaluate information from others, as a basis for improving

To train you in how to use the six principles, Marci conscientiously, thoroughly walks you through numerous examples of the Accountability Code as it has been successfully used in the past to refine values, achieve goals, and solve problems.

If you have questions about applying the six principles in your own life, you can always contact Marci through her website. She loves helping people improve their lives.

About the Author

Marci Barker is a Life and Fitness coach from Ogden, Utah. She started her business in 2015, and with the help of her computer programmer husband she has harnessed the Internet to help others transform their lives. Marci's six principles train you to go far beyond the basics of mindset, movement, and nutrition by providing numerous real examples of the Accountability Code. Along with her college degree in Physical Education and Health, numerous health and fitness certifications, her experience and expertise as a life and fitness coach is evident in her ability to help her clients create custom plans just for them, while clearly identifying and letting go of what is holding them back. Marci shows great joy in breaking down her clients' goals into actionable steps for immediate gratification and long-term success. Her book, The Accountability Code, trains readers in her methods by providing an abundance of examples of life and fitness principles in action. Her favorite hobbies include teaching fitness classes at the pool, sparking meaningful conversations with strangers, playing poker, and having neighbors over for dinner. Marci is known and celebrated for her upbeat personality, solid guidance, and her ability to deliver an exceptionally loving kick in the pants. As a mother to four daughters, she knows the importance of adopting and living successful patterns for growth and seeks to inspire others to do the same. She loves helping people improve their lives in a fun and sustainable way.
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ISBN: 9781954759374
ISBN-10: 1954759371
Publisher: Cranberry Press, LLC
Publication Date: February 21st, 2022
Pages: 234
Language: English