Bitcoin for Everyone: How to Go from a Bitcoin Skeptic to a Blockchain Millionaire (Paperback)

Bitcoin for Everyone: How to Go from a Bitcoin Skeptic to a Blockchain Millionaire By Jordan Fried Cover Image
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Learn How to Go From a Bitcoin Skeptic to a Blockchain Millionaire Written by Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Founder and Serial Entrepreneur Jordan Fried, current CEO of Immutable Holdings Jordan Fried, who has built some of the most valuable crypto companies in the world today and helped thousands of people get exposure to blockchain assets, pulls back the curtain to help you build wealth quickly and securely. In this book you will learn how to not only take advantage of the wealth-building opportunities afforded by Bitcoin and blockchain technology, but also implement a long-term financial strategy to secure your future for yourself and your family.In these pages, written in plain English and dressed up with exciting entrepreneurial stories, you will discover...
  • How to build Bitcoin into your investment portfolio in a way that is easy to understand Strategies from the world's most successful crypto founders and investors that you can model right awayHow a simple process of investing regularly over time can yield outsize returnsThe most common objections to investing in Bitcoin, and how you can profit while others worry...and so much more No matter where you're starting, how your financial picture looks today, or what your educational background, Bitcoin For Everyone will faithfully guide you into the profitable world of blockchain technology
Product Details
ISBN: 9781953153708
ISBN-10: 1953153704
Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 170
Language: English