Shakespeare's Goddess: The Divine Feminine on the English Stage (Paperback)

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Shakespeare's Goddess: The Divine Feminine on the English Stage By J. Snodgrass, John Snodgrass Cover Image
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In our culture, Shakespeare's works are classics and his characters have achieved mythical status. But what did William Shakespeare consider to be the great myths and classics? And who were the empowering role models for his bold and unforgettable heroines? In plays and poems throughout his career, Shakespeare explored many facets of the divine feminine, including Greek and Roman goddesses—he nearly deified Queen Elizabeth. His characters frequently refer to classical goddesses, some plays feature literal appearances of goddesses onstage, and the goddess of love starred in his epic poem Venus and Adonis. Shakespeare's Goddess explores the poet's many representations of the divine feminine, as a pantheon of individual deities, and also as diverse manifestations of a single, multifaceted goddess. This thoroughly researched sequel to Supernatural Shakespeare: Magic and Ritual in Merry Old England will appeal to scholars, but its playful and engaging tone also makes it accessible to anyone who appreciates Shakespeare.

About the Author

j. Snodgrass studies, teaches, and writes about myth and ritual, and as a college professor, he explores the many connections between them. He has written book-length explorations of Greek drama, mythology and the Bible. He’s also a Unitarian circuit-preacher. He lives in Buffalo, New York, with his wife and their four children. The best advice he has ever received as a writer is, "Don't write what you know, write what you would like to read." To which he adds, "And learn it before you write it." This is what led to Supernatural Shakespeare and its sequel, Shakespeare’s Goddess.
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ISBN: 9781952536366
ISBN-10: 1952536367
Publisher: New Idea Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English