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Iola Boggs escapes a small-minded village and is proud to become a non-combat pilot during World War II. Iola meets Jim Lewis, who never served in the war but contributed in his own way to the war effort. They marry in post-war Philadelphia and raise a family against the backdrop of the paranoid era of McCarthyism. Their differences and a need for fulfillment propels them away from each other. Illicit liaisons and grief bring them life-changing insights.

About the Author

G. M. Monks grew up in California and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has been published in Vine Leaves Literary Journal, The RavensPerch, Embodied Effigies, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, GFT Press, Kansas City Voices, Picayune, Alehouse, AROHO's Wave anthology, and elsewhere. She was the runner-up in the Big Wonderful Press Funny Poem contest and received an honorable mention in the 2016 New Millennium Writings Award competition. Her prose was selected as a semifinalist in both the 2015 and 2014 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards and in the 2014 Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize.

Praise For…

"Taking place primarily in the mid-1950s, Iola O is a biting and forthright look at personal hopes and dreams, thwarted and received, within the framework of love, marriage, and family. After escaping small-town life to become a pilot Iola is briefly signed on to the WASPs but laid off at the end of the war. Jim is a thwarted chemistry major who forfeited his university savings to pay his sister’s medical bills. Now he lives with his mother, who never stops reminding him of his obligations to her. As if this weren’t enough, he is a closet homosexual who is dragging his guilt and shame around like a ball and chain as sadly many men in the ´50s had to do. When Jim and Iola meet, they don’t so much fall in love as fall in marriage. Three children follow. Life just happens throughout much of this extremely well-written novel told in short chapters in staccato-like stream-of-consciousness thinking/dialogue, alternating between Jim and Iola’s point-of-view. Jim comments that the marriage is held together by ‘kid cement’. Iola never gives up her dream of flying and is briefly rewarded, but the consequences are painful. She finally realises that Jim is gay (were the setting contemporary, I think this lightbulb moment would have come sooner) and asks him about it during a poignant moment, when they both admit to having had an affair. There are no recriminations, no need for forgiveness―just acceptance and relief. This is a rewarding account of the mundanity of life. It’s not historical fiction as I have come to know it, but the descriptions keep it firmly grounded in the ´50s. Monks has an acerbic wit and is unflinching in her portrayal of these deeply flawed individuals (and their observations of others) who love each other in their own way. Much to be learned here." —Fiona Alison, Historical Novel Society
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ISBN: 9781945805950
ISBN-10: 1945805951
Publisher: Bedazzled Ink Publishing
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
Pages: 270