Psalm 91: God's Umbrella of Protection (Paperback)

Psalm 91: God's Umbrella of Protection By Peggy Joyce Ruth Cover Image


Find Protection From Your Greatest Fears. Do the latest statistics on cancer, heart disease, or other life-threatening illnesses send a chill down your spine? Do thoughts of terrorist attacks and chemical warfare cause your heart to skip a beat? What about natural disasters that are striking in unexpected places? Do you sometimes wonder if there is any safe place in the world to hide? In the midst of these turbulent times, God has anointed Peggy Joyce Ruth to write this book as an encouragement to His Church to overcome fear, worry and doubt. This book can be one of the most important messages you will ever read.
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ISBN: 9781942757047
ISBN-10: 1942757042
Publisher: Impact Christian Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2018
Pages: 184
Language: English