The Angel of Paragon (Paperback)

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An angel called. A devil answered.

Princess Charlotte is the sole heir to the kingdom of Paragon. But twenty-five years after she helped vanquish Empress Eleanor, her parents still treat her like a child-and it doesn't help that her sunny angel disposition makes her easy to overlook. When the king and queen leave Paragon for an extended period, Charlie decides to prove her leadership skills by throwing a party themed around a popular Earth holiday.

Environmental scientist Liam Morris doesn't do relationships or celebrations. In his experience, relationships are nothing but distractions, most of them doomed to fail. Pair that with a celebration... No, thank you. He'd rather spend his days on an iceberg in the Arctic than around a table with his family.

Things get complicated when Charlie snatches Liam from Earth and brings him to Paragon, hoping he'll help her iron out the details of her event. Will grumpy, bearded Liam be the answer to her prayers... or more trouble than she can handle?

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ISBN: 9781940675862
ISBN-10: 1940675863
Publisher: Carpe Luna Publishing
Publication Date: March 20th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English