Understanding the Global Warming Hoax: Expanded and Updated (Paperback)

Understanding the Global Warming Hoax: Expanded and Updated By Leo Johnson Cover Image
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IS GLOBAL WARMING A HOAX? Isn't it time you read the facts? The propaganda of man-made global warming has been promoted by those with a political agenda by suppressing the truth and spreading fear. In this effort they have recruited academics, media, environmental groups, governments, the United Nations, even religions. Scientific evidence supporting man-made global warming has now been investigated by scientists and found to be baseless. Examination of the data has revealed the theory of climate change for the propaganda it is, derived from erroneous data, junk science, even scientific fraud. Now, for the first time, the American people have available to them an honest discussion of man-made global warming and climate change that is easily understood by those without a scientific background. The Layman's Guide describes in easily understood language the science refuting claims of climatic catastrophe resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. Using well-documented scientific facts, the Layman's Guide exposes the global warming hoax as an authoritarian assault on individual freedom.
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ISBN: 9781934956137
ISBN-10: 1934956139
Publisher: Elderberry Press (OR)
Publication Date: March 31st, 2009
Pages: 100
Language: English