Easy Japanese Cooking: Donburi Mania (Paperback)

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"Easy Japanese Cooking: Do"n"buri Mania "features a collection of more than 70 mouth-watering, easy-to-make recipes most
designed to be made over rice. Categories and recipes include:
Special Occasion Rice Bowls (over rice):
Pork steak and vegetables / Crispy, crunchy fried chicken / Sunny-side up egg / pork fry / Vegetable stir fry
Volume Rice Bowls (over rice):
Soft cabbage and ginger flavored pork / Stewed pork and vegetables / Cheese and meat sauce / Stroganoff / Sesame grilled chicken
/ Big chicken ball / Shrimp and chicken coconut curry / Mabo tofu / Kimchi / Noodles and pork
Popular Basic Rice Bowls:
Tempura / Grilled chicken / Chinese stir fry / Eggs and chicken / Eggs and fish paste / Chinese chive and shrimp
Delicious Fish Rice Bowls:
Tuna and avocado / Buttered yellowtail / Fish and spring greens / Sashimi / Sweet and sour swordfish
Quick-to-make Rice Bowls:
Pork and onion / Bacon and mushroom / Tuna omlette / Salmon and Wasabi / Clams and Scallops / Curried Eel
Lots of Veggies Rice Bowls:
Meat and peppers miso / Mish Mash of veggies / Sukiyaki Chicken / Chinese style pork and mushroom / Fried oysters / Eggplant,
celery, and pork Curry
Small Rice Bowls:
Greens and Caviar / Lotus Root / Scallop / Small fish
Small Side Dishes:
Easy vegetable salad / Spring Rain Salad / Nuts and cheese salad / Arugula and cream cheese salad / Potato Salad / Grilled Eggplant
/ Butter sauteed pumpkin / Tofu and mini-shrimp / Chicken and cucumber sesame seeds.

About the Author

Born in Tokyo in 1972, Kentaro Kobayashi studied art in school, and after graduating from Musashino Art School, he started working as an illustrator.

His mother--cooking personality and award-winning cookbook author, Katsuyo Kobayashi--is

known by millions in Japan for her TV show, "Today's Cooking," and not only challenged, but also proved victorious against Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi in 1994, handily vanquishing him in the "Potato Battle" episode of "IronChef," one of the few female chefs to ever win in Kitchen Stadium.

No surprise that Kentaro turned his attention to cooking. Like his mom, he is known for creating fun, easy-to-make recipes--albeit with a more Western flavor--and also has appeared on television, magazines, and radio, becoming popular with the motto "Nice and easy, practical food with style." He is known to have revolutionized Japanese conceptions

of good eating. His best-selling cookbook is all about transforming convenience-store products into attractive hot meals.

He frequently incorporates his artistic training working as a chef and illustrator for magazines and book stores, creating logos, and has co-authored works with his mother. To date, Kentaro has authored or co-authored more than 15 cookbooks.
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ISBN: 9781934287491
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Publication Date: April 14th, 2009
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Easy Japanese Cooking