Slow Sex Secrets: Lessons from the Master Masseur (Hardcover)

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Have you had great sex? Oh, you may think you have, at times eliciting vocal responses or squirms of seeming pleasure from your partner. And in comparison to your peers, your intimate moments may be a step above the curve. But according to author of Slow Sex Secrets: Lessons from the Master Masseur Adam Tokunaga, you haven't. Why? Because only he has had truly earthshattering sex, and because only he has unlocked the secrets to the kind of sex that even the ancient Indian masters of the Kama Sutra envy.

About the Author

Adam Tokunaga began his career as an illuatrator, having attended the Nagoya University of Arts.From 1985 to 1992, he worked as an illustrator andwriter--on everything from magazines to children'sbooks--for publishing houses in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Japan.In 1988, Tokunaga went to Los Angeles to obtain alicense as a massage technician. Focusing on rehabilitation, he concentrated on deep tissue oil massage.He had various high profile clients, including directors, producers, and actors. Over time he discoveredthat women had immeasurable erogenous zones, andbegan studying those areas.Tokunaga returned to Japan in 1991 and foundedM&W Orgasm Center, where he started his researchon a new technique for women to achieve higherlevels of ecstasy. After fourteen years of research, heestablished his own unique theory and technique. In2004, Adam's sex school was founded, whereTokunaga educated people about the human idealsof sex. He continues his research on what he calls"the female mechanisms," and gives medical guidanceabout the female body at the Sofia Lady'sClinic.

Praise For…

Reviewed by Kai-Ming Cha
“Good sex is the best way to make a woman even more beautiful,” says Adam Tokunaga in his book, Slow Sex Secrets, equal parts mating manual, pep-talk and bedroom boot-camp. “And as a man, it is your mission to flip the switch on your partner’s internal mechanism which brings out that beauty.” Japan’s self-professed sexpert and practiced tactician of the erotic massage suggests one simple thing that will recharge any couple’s sex life and bring out that inner beauty: Slow it down.
Tokunaga, who has his own sex school in Japan called “Adam,” offers a handful of techniques for making any willing man into a talented lover. His most sage advice–and the key to differentiate “slow” from “ordinary”–is to approach sex with patience. Tokunaga focuses on touch and trust while encouraging men to forgo the quickie–or “junk sex” as he describes it: “male-focused, orgasm-obsessed, 20-minute sex”–for the sake of their partner’s sexual satisfaction.
Slow Sex Secrets’s techniques are useful and immediately applicable, and Tokugawa’s knowledge of the female body shows that he’s intimately versed in the language of women. He’s at his best when demystifying the female psyche, directly connecting it with the female form. The book is largely for the uninitiated, and Tokugawa’s start-with-the-basics approach is geared more toward the Jonas brothers than Colin Farrell. But Slow Sex Secrets will help you unlock the secrets to the female anatomy. Read it: She’ll thank you."

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ISBN: 9781934287293
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Publisher: Vertical
Publication Date: September 30th, 2008
Pages: 155
Language: English