Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini (Hardcover)

Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini By Wendy Pini (Illustrator), Richard Pini (Editor) Cover Image
By Wendy Pini (Illustrator), Richard Pini (Editor)
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The term "line of beauty" describes, in one sense, a certain way of arranging lines and shapes in a drawing or painting to suggest motion, dynamic balance and grace. But in a deeper sense it can also speak to the visionary spirit that drives the creation of a piece of artwork. Whatever that spirit is, Wendy Pini demonstrates that she has had it from the moment she was delivered into this world. Given up for adoption at birth, she has been on a quest ever since for those things most of us take for granted--family, tribe and community. The search has taught her about love and loss and, above all, the power that comes from hearts and minds united in a single dream.

Taking inspiration from diverse sources both Western and Eastern--animation, comics, mythology, classic illustration and more--Wendy has developed a unique blend of stylistic opposites, seamlessly mingling the light and airy qualities of Japanese manga with the weighty power of American superhero comics. Whether engaged in her ongoing fantasy saga Elfquest or interpreting other writers' words for a magazine cover, she brings both the inner and outer "line of beauty" to her work. Every composition embraces the energy of the search and the peace of reaching the goal.

This book provides a comprehensive look at rare material from Wendy's two Beauty and the Beast graphic novels, her Galaxy and If magazine covers and interior art, and preproduction art from the animated The Lord of the Rings film. It highlights ambitious projects such as Masque of the Red Death and Law and Chaos, includes exquisite art from the Land of Myth series of prints, and much more. The highest quality of reproduction is made possible through direct access to the original art or the best original source material, which has been made available from the Pini archives.

About the Author

Wendy Pini is the co-creator, writer, artist and colorist for the long-running fantasy graphic novel series Elfquest. She has also written and painted two Beauty and the Beast graphic novels, as well as a critically acclaimed 400-page dark, futuristic re-imagining of Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. She lives in Los Angeles. Richard Pini is the co-creator, sometimes-writer, editor and publisher for the long-running fantasy graphic novel series Elfquest. A graduate of MIT in astronomy as well as planetarium writer, lecturer, and teacher, he has also contributed numerous articles to magazines. He lives in Poughkeepsie, NY.
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