Die Laughing!: Lighthearted Views of a Grave Situation (Paperback)

Die Laughing!: Lighthearted Views of a Grave Situation By Steve Mickle Cover Image
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This book is funny, yet inappropriately touching.It's 136 pages of one-liners and more, with illustrations of cute animals- with humor drawn from real life. It offers musings for your consideration and will no doubt remind you of what you already suspect: that what you feared most may not be that bad after all.Here is a sampling of the wit and wisdom found in [/i]Die Laughing![/i]:Death is...Boring. Just lying around. Being around flowers without your hay fever bothering you.The ultimate excuse for not picking up your socks. Having a near-death experience and when your return to your body it says not tonight dear, I have a headache. Attending the first family reunion to include your distant cousin Claude, who came over from the old country in 1803.Of course, the format is more about life. And if there is a message here, perhaps it is to drop the guilt, anxiety and fear-and seek to live in the now.

About the Author

Mickle holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. His career began in advertising. He worked 1973-1977 with Rich Hillman; they started writing this book. Hillman died. Today, Steve is a portrait artist and lives with his wife Kyle Edgell, a caricature entertainer and illustrator for this book. When not writing about death, Mickle cheats it on his vintage motorcycle.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781931741767
ISBN-10: 193174176X
Publisher: Robert Reed Publishers
Publication Date: June 10th, 2009
Pages: 136
Language: English