Critical Perspectives in American and African Literature (English Literature) (Paperback)

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The book discusses the fundamental problem of how to combine the degree of individual initiative, which is necessary for progress, with the degree of social cohesion, which is necessary for survival. A community needs, if it is to prosper, a certain number of individuals who do not wholly conform to the general type. Practically all progress, artistic, moral and intellectual, has depended on such individuals who have been a decisive factor in the transition from barbarism to civilization. The book concludes that the need of the day is a socio-cultural grafting of the two best elements of the individual and the society.

The book is a valuable resource for both personal and academic research. It provides many clear images of Rand's and Achebe's theories. It applies to sundry audiences like philosophers (who may be interested in Rand's theory of objectivism and Achebe's view of the world), sociologists (who are interested in contemporary life and culture) and researchers of Rand and Achebe.

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Publication Date: March 15th, 2019
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