The Delamere Saga: the Untold Story of Vale Royal Abbey (Paperback)

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This colourful and thoroughly researched history of the Lord Delamere branch of the British aristocracy focuses on the famous Vale Royal Abbey in Cheshire, England. The Cholmondeley family, who owned the Abbey throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, are described in lavish and intimate detail as they maneuvered to maintain, through three generations, their status as a leading family in the United Kingdom.

Beginning in the late 17th century, we follow Charles Cholmondeley as he served as a member of the King's army in Canada in the war against the French. Part I witnesses the ubiquitous Thomas Cholmondeley who purchased the title 'Lord (Baron) Delamere' for 5000 from the British crown in 1821. Part II covers the 2nd Lord Delamere, Hugh Cholmondeley, who led a very sad and difficult life, and experienced the deterioration of Vale Royal. Part III reviews the life of Hugh Cholmondeley, Jnr., 3rd Lord Delamere, his abandonment of Vale Royal Abbey and his relocation to East Africa. Narcissistic Hugh was part of the notorious "happy valley crowd" of Kenya and their lives of debauchery, sex and drugs.

The Vale Royal Abbey lives on today, a national treasure and testament to the intriguing lives of those who occupied it over the centuries.

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