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Roman Britain 85 AD

Young Beathan of Garrigill is captured after the battle at Beinn na Ciche in northern Caledonia - between the Caledon allies, under the leadership of 'the swordsman' Calgach, and General Gnaeus Iulius Agricola's mighty Ancient Roman legions. Beathan is held hostage at Trimontium Roman Fort before being dragged in chains by Agricola all the way to Rome. How can he escape the detested Agricola's clutches and wreak vengeance on his enemies?

Agricola has been Commander of the Britannic Legions and Governor of Britannia for seven years. He has invaded all the way to northern Caledonia but, just short of subduing all in his path, the Roman Emperor Domitian recalls Agricola to Rome. Far from being lauded as a conquering hero on his return to Rome, Agricola has gathered some powerful enemies of his own. Attempts on his life abound and being a devout pontifex, a priest of the state religion, he believes his gods have abandoned him. However, assistance comes to him from an unexpected source and his conduct becomes questionable after his conscience is roused.

Torrin is a strong-minded young Brigante warrior-woman who has one main aim and that is to free her territory from the Roman enemy who has changed the Brigante way of life. However, she willingly takes care of Beathan in a time of need after he escapes from Vindolanda Fort - the second time Beathan has evaded the clutches of Ancient Roman tyranny.

Beathan and Torrin's fledgling love is interrupted when they join a renegade band and strike terror on local Roman forts and convoys. Beathan has been incarcerated in many different forts and shares what he has learned of their organisation. It is a huge vindication for him when Vindolanda becomes a prime target for their rebel attack.

Does Beathan find a way to reconnect with his Garrigill clan in Caledonia and tell them about his adventures, including meeting his long-lost aunt from Garrigill when he is at Eboracum Roman Fortress? Will Torrin be by his side when he finds his kin? And how does Agricola fare without the emperor's benevolence?

Beathan the Brigante is the fifth in the Celtic Fervour Saga series.

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