Win Your Partner Back After A Break Up?: How I Harnessed the Law of Attraction to Rekindle My Relationship (And Transformed My Finances, Weight, Healt (Paperback)

Win Your Partner Back After A Break Up?: How I Harnessed the Law of Attraction to Rekindle My Relationship (And Transformed My Finances, Weight, Healt By Louisa Jackson Cover Image
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Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness - D.H. Lawrence

If you're going through the agony of a break up and you long, desperately, to reunite with your partner - this book is for you. Perhaps you're still with your partner but they're losing interest or pulling away - this book is also for you.

Not all relationships can be saved. However, given the right inner conditions, some relationships can - and do - heal. Here you will learn precisely how to cultivate those conditions.

Author, Louisa Jackson, describes how her life spiralled downwards after the break-up of a relationship. This triggered a long and intense period of study. Immersed in quantum physics, spirituality and Law of Attraction principles, she started to experiment with these concepts in her day-to-day life. Slowly, her intense suffering transformed into deep peace and happiness. A completely new way of living emerged and miraculous changes to all areas of her life then followed. Her long-term battle with depression, social anxiety and bulimia came to an end. Financial and family difficulties also resolved. So, too, did the cycle of toxic and dysfunctional relationships that she kept repeating over and over.

Louisa now enjoys a happy, long-term, relationship - one which was successfully rekindled after applying the techniques and principles outlined in this book.

The focus here is what's going on inside you, rather than on the outer circumstances of your life. For when you transform your inner world, you'll find that your outer world transforms in equal measure - sometimes in miraculous ways. As you'll see, this isn't merely a spiritual concept but is backed up by quantum physics principles.

This book gets right to the heart of your beliefs about love, happiness and the fundamental nature of reality. It's faulty beliefs in these areas which are so often at the root of dysfunctional relationships.

You'll learn what real happiness is, and how to cultivate it. You'll also discover techniques for sustaining the honeymoon period and how to prevent a repeating pattern of heartbreak. With practice, you'll stop needing love and instead start to radiate love. When this happens, you cannot help but attract love, whether that's from your existing partner or a new one.

This is a new way of 'being' which will radiate out into all areas of your life. Whether you want to save a long-term marriage or a short-term romance, the same formula applies. You may even find after reading this book that you no longer want, or need, your partner to return.

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