The Wisdom Particle (Paperback)

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The ancient Sanskrit word "matra" means a particle or atom. When the word "jnana" (wisdom) is placed in front, it conveys the idea that just as everything in the physical universe consists of vibrating particles, similarly there are particles of a subtler nature - particles of Intelligence - that form one's power to concentrate and comprehend. When one studies the intelligent particle one is approaching a light that shines off of "The Word," or AUM. The third book in Babaji's planned 5 part series of essential philosophical teachings, The Wisdom Particle (Jnana Matra) is a contemporary coalescence of ancient Vedantic teachings intended to empower the sincere seeker of Truth with the foreknowledge of one's inherent spiritual abilities.
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ISBN: 9781891893162
ISBN-10: 1891893165
Publisher: SRV Associations
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Pages: 120
Language: English