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A sixth Doctor adventure, featuring the Doctor as played by Colin Baker and his companion Peri. Arriving on the sun-baked veldt in the middle of the Boer War, the Doctor is soon involved in the adventures of struggling politician and war correspondent Winston Churchill. Of course, he knows Churchill is destined for great things, but unseen forces seem to be interfering with Winston's historic career. The Doctor suspects the hidden hand of the Players, mysterious beings who regard human history as little more than a game. With time running out, can the Doctor find the right moves to defeat them?

About the Author

Terrance Dicks worked on scripts for The Avengers as well as other series before becoming Assistant and later full Script Editor of Doctor Who from 1968. Dicks worked on the entirety of the Jon Pertwee Third Doctor era of the programme, and then turned to writing for the show, scripting Tom Baker's first story as the Fourth Doctor. Terrance has written many original Doctor Who novels for BBC Books.
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ISBN: 9781849905213
ISBN-10: 1849905215
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2013
Pages: 306
Language: English
Series: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection