Ultrasonic Studies of Liquid Components (Paperback)

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Ultrasonic Studies of Liquid Components" provides a comprehensive overview of ultrasonic studies conducted on various binary and ternary liquid mixtures at different temperatures. The author, Y. Geetha, discusses the theoretical background of ultrasonic measurements, including the basic principles of ultrasonic waves, their propagation, and applications in the characterization of liquids.The book focuses on the ultrasonic study of binary and ternary liquid mixtures, including their physical and acoustical properties. The author also discusses the influence of temperature on the acoustic properties of these mixtures. The book provides detailed information on the experimental setup used to conduct ultrasonic measurements, including the instrumentation, sample preparation, and measurement procedures.The results of ultrasonic measurements conducted on different liquid mixtures are presented and discussed in detail, providing insights into the interactions between the components in the mixture. The author also examines the applications of ultrasonic studies in various fields, including the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, and environmental monitoring.

Overall, "Ultrasonic Studies of Liquid Components" is a valuable resource for researchers and professionals interested in the characterization of liquids using ultrasonic techniques. It provides a detailed understanding of the principles and applications of ultrasonic measurements in the study of binary and ternary liquid mixtures at different temperatures.

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ISBN: 9781805307464
ISBN-10: 1805307460
Publisher: Independent Author
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 220
Language: English