Root Cellaring: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Root Cellar and Keeping Food in Cold Storage (Hardcover)

Root Cellaring: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Root Cellar and Keeping Food in Cold Storage By Camille Harris Cover Image
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Root cellars are making a comeback

Do you often wonder what to do with your harvest?

How are you going to store it all?

Or do you only grow small amounts because you lack sufficient storage space?

Why not build a root cellar?

Root cellars are an ancient tradition. Together with curing meats and pickling, root cellars have long been a food storage method, particularly root vegetables. Before modern refrigerators took over, they were once common, but people soon abandoned their traditional storage cellars for a more convenient method.

Large supermarkets mushroomed all over, providing fruit and vegetables all year round. Instead of reveling in what they could grow in their backyards, kids started to think that vegetables came in polythene bags.

Fortunately, root cellars are starting to make a noticeable comeback, enabling people to store more produce for longer without the need for electricity. Current events and food shortages have led to a resurgence of growing food in gardens for self-sufficiency and more organic produce.

The benefits of a root cellar are enormous-health, financial, physical, and psychological. This book on root cellaring will introduce you to the fascinating concept of root cellars and walk you through how to build one.

You will learn:

- What a root cellar is

- How root cellars work

- What you can store in your root cellar

- DIY alternatives to building your own root cellar

- Step-by-step guide on building a simple root cellar

- DIY shelving for your root cellar

- How to organize your produce for the best results

- How to fix common issues with root cellars

- How to clean and sanitize your root cellar

- And much more

If you want to get back to basics, save money, and eat what you grow all year round, buy this book and learn how to build your root cellar and store your own home-grown organic food

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ISBN: 9781804341605
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Publisher: Camille Harris
Publication Date: August 24th, 2022
Pages: 102
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