Delicious Detox Smoothies: 100 Easy-To-Make Recipes to Help You Detox (Paperback)

Delicious Detox Smoothies: 100 Easy-To-Make Recipes to Help You Detox By Darby Wintringham Cover Image
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What is Detox? Detox is basically the cleansing the intestines as well as the internal organs by a change of diet. Our bodies naturally detox every day. The body has its own cleaning system that works constantly-by urine, faeces, sweat, and with our breath, we constantly detoxify. We take in toxins from pollution, chemicals, and food additives, but also by medicine and tobacco. But the worst pollution is self-inflicted by eating junk food or food combinations that are not good for us. The food remains undigested in the intestine, which causes it to putrefy, allowing toxins to spread into the blood stream through the intestinal wall. It encumbers the kidneys and liver, whose job it is to detoxify us and clean out these substances. When bowels and internal organs become congested, various imbalances occur in the body and you may feel depleted, tired, have sore joints, and suffer from insomnia. In many cases, nutritional therapists recommend first doing a detox before determining a diagnosis, just to make it easier to see what the real problem is. Why Detox/Cleanse the Body? When the body is overloaded with toxins, it transfers energy away from burning calories to work harder to detoxify the body. In other words, the body does not have the energy to burn calories. However, when the body is efficiently getting rid of toxins, the energy can be used to burn fat. You must first rid your body of toxins to ensure that your body can best metabolize the food you eat without leaving excess waste, which results in weight gain. Smoothies greatly help with this Criteria for a Great Detox Smoothie
  • A. It needs to look gorgeous: We eat first with our eyes, and nobody wants to drink anything that looks like swamp water B. It needs to be mind-blowingly delicious C. It needs to be nutrient-dense with awesome ingredients.
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Publication Date: February 16th, 2022
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