Train Your Brain: How to Developing a Mental Toughness to Improve Memory, Intuition, Intelligence, Mindset and Learning Strategies for y (Hardcover)

Train Your Brain: How to Developing a Mental Toughness to Improve Memory, Intuition, Intelligence, Mindset and Learning Strategies for y Cover Image
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The reality of our today has become filled with distractions.

It might only take a second or two before a glare of light or a bleep of sound takes away our attention where it supposed to be.

This book aims to give its readers a dynamic approach on how to invigorate mental fortitude and develop grit that is essential in reaching our goals and attain the mindset for success.

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This is not just a "how-to" type of book, it unravels what lies beneath our way of thinking. The science on how the human brain works are presented in such a way that is easier to digest. If you are in search of a change and you aim for improvement but do not know where to start, this is the sign you are looking for.

The approach of this book is to thoroughly explain that obtaining mental toughness, requires an overall method:

  • It begins with an understanding of our body and brain.
  • Then we will also be discussing practicing healthy habits and how it can contribute to training your brain.
  • It can be surprising how stress affects our overall health and mental toughness; this book will also discuss different ways of dealing with stress.
  • Most of us have at least wanted a better memory to help us in a certain situation or point in our lives. There are memory exercises and techniques that are more modern and that is doable in today's busier times
  • Self-control and discipline are skills that can still be learned, regardless of the age or any other demographic information involved.
  • Technology can also be our ally in training ourselves to achieve mental toughness

Learning is a never-ending process. In writing and researching about this book, I have been reminded about the simplest things that I can do and accomplish in my everyday life to be in a better mindset. I have learned a tremendous amount of new information about new approaches, methodologies, and technologies that are readily available for us to use today.

The only constant in this world is changing, and so are the way of thinking of the past that could be outdated or ill-fitting for a more fast-paced and modern today.

The world of psychology and everything connected to it is exciting more than ever.

In writing this book, I also wanted to incorporate a sense of reality. Nothing is ever easy. It takes work to make things happen. This is possibly something that you might need to read several times if you need a reminder or something to support you in achieving a stronger mindset.

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ISBN: 9781802345704
ISBN-10: 1802345701
Publisher: James Rules
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English