A Celebration of Willow: The Definitive Guide to Sculpture Techniques Woven with Ecology, Sustainability and Healing (Paperback)

A Celebration of Willow: The Definitive Guide to Sculpture Techniques Woven with Ecology, Sustainability and Healing By Kim Creswell Cover Image
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An invitation to reconnect with nature through the art of willow sculpture.

Lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs, this uniquely valuable book pays homage to the willow in many ways, providing an in depth discussion to the intricacies of willow sculpture, ranging from sourcing materials and basic techniques, to how to weave a variety of shapes and forms.

Over the last three decades, Kim Creswell has dedicated her life to working with the elegant and abundant Salix; in A Celebration of Willow, she shares with readers the knowledge she has gathered through connecting with her plant ally, the familiar and flexible willow tree.

Throughout the book, the author focuses on the importance of cultivating a deep and mutual relationship with the natural world, discussing in detail important concepts such as ecology and sustainability. She also explores explores working with the willow tree in herbal medicine.

A Celebration of Willow not only provides a poignant introduction to the willow tree but acts as a pathway for readers to consider how they can connect with themselves as a part of nature.

About the Author

Kim Creswell is a willow sculptor, painter of horse drawn caravans, and medical herbalist. Kim's unique skill set has been refined by her deep green lifestyle, submerged in the British countryside, working with the wilds. Deeply held environmental and political beliefs led Kim to a nomadic life at an early age. Travelling for many years with a horse and wagon, on the peripheries of main-stream society, allowed the development of abilities often lost - a connection with plants, animals and the twitching web of wyrd which can only be found with long term emersion. During her thirties, Kim purchased a plot of mono-crop land at auction and, employing traditional methods, has actively supported its regeneration. Twenty years on the land is now an off-grid nature reserve and small holding which supplies a vast array of food, medicine and craft materials. Kim lives with her horse companions alongside hares, barn owls, badgers, bats and foxes at their bucolic oasis, and is active in the local community raising awareness and promoting biodiversity.
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