Steamer Cookbook: A Great Selection of Delicious, International Recipes (Paperback)

Steamer Cookbook: A Great Selection of Delicious, International Recipes By Sarah Miller Cover Image
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As we are moving towards an excessively fast-paced world, where everyone is too busy to stop, relax, and take care of their health in multiple ways, it becomes extremely important to pay special attention to the kind of food that we are consuming. We often take into consideration the type of ingredients we use, but at the same time, disregard the importance of the method of cooking. And one of the healthiest ways of cooking any dish is through steaming.

When it comes to steamed recipes, most people often live in the misconception that there are not enough dishes that can be made using a steamer while not compromising in taste. So, here we are bringing to you a collection of thirty delicious recipes, all prepared using the method of steaming. These dishes are filled with amazing flavors and suit you every mealtime need, from breakfast, lunch, brunch to dinner.

Here is an attempt from our side to promote a healthier way of cooking that does not disappoint when it comes to varieties and flavors.

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ISBN: 9781801491013
ISBN-10: 1801491011
Publisher: 17 Books Publishing
Publication Date: August 15th, 2018
Pages: 56
Language: English