Mama Mammals: Reproduction and Birth in Mammals (Hardcover)

Mama Mammals: Reproduction and Birth in Mammals By Cathy Evans, Bia Melo (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Cathy Evans, Bia Melo (Illustrator)
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A beautiful, fact-filled picture book by writer Cathy Evans - the perfect introduction to reproduction in the natural world for children.

This stunningly presented science book explains the facts of life by looking at sex and reproduction in mammal species. Through short, concise texts and warm, engaging illustrations, we learn about fertilisation, gestation, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting across the mammalian order.

Did you know that, unlike other mammals, whale calves are born tail first, so that the mother can push them to the surface to breathe as soon as they emerge? Or that echidnas do not have nipples? Their young lick milk that seeps from pores in their chests.

Easy to engage with for kids as young as four, this is a convenient, informative and enjoyable way of learning about babies and where they come from.

About the Author

Cathy Evans is a vet and a writer living in Bournemouth with two boys and a menagerie of animals including seven chickens and a pig. She is the author of Cat Eyes and Dog Whistles (Cicada, 2021).Bia Melo is a Brazilian illustrator and designer living in London. She is a recent graduate of the Cambridge School of Arts Children's Book Illustration programme (CSACBI). Her graduate project, House Hunting, won runner up in the Macmillan Illustration Prize, 2022.
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ISBN: 9781800660267
ISBN-10: 180066026X
Publisher: Cicada Books
Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English