Bolt Action: Armies of Germany (Paperback)

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Hitler's Nazi German blitzkrieg swept across Poland, Norway, Denmark, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, North Africa, and Russia with Panzers, Stukas, Fallschirmjaeger, infantry, and artillery.

This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military forces of Nazi Germany. Detailed army lists allow players to construct German armies for any theatre and any year of the war, including the early campaigns in Poland and France, the dusty tank war in the North African desert, the bloody battles on the Eastern Front, and the final defence of Normandy, occupied France and Germany itself. With dozens of different unit types including Fallschirmjager, Waffen-SS, and the dreaded Tiger tank, players can assemble a huge variety of troops with which to battle their opponents.

About the Author

Warlord Games is one of the foremost producers of historical miniatures in England. Their line of 28mm plastic wargaming figures is considered the industry gold standard and Bolt Action is the first ruleset to formally utilize those soldiers for a Warlord-branded wargame.

Praise For…

"Armies of Germany is a supplement that allows German players advanced options to build their armies. It provides all the information needed to build a force specific to a certain time period of the war, all the way down to specific battles and encounters fought by the German army. The book itself is full color, with beautiful photographs featuring Warlord Games Bolt Action miniatures, as well as pictures of uniforms and vehicles that fans of Osprey Publishing’s other books will be quite familiar with. Just like the main rulebook, Armies of Germany also features historical accounts of the Germans in action throughout the book." --War Games Magazine

"...a book that any gamer who is using the Warlord Games Bolt Action miniaure rules must have. It is an invaluable reference source that will help the gamer put together his German army. The brief historical background and explanations of the units make for enjoyable reading." --Richard Mataka,

Product Details
ISBN: 9781780960883
ISBN-10: 1780960883
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (UK)
Publication Date: November 20th, 2012
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Bolt Action