The Case for the Jordan Lead Codices: The Mystery of the Sealed Books (Hardcover)

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The Case For the Jordan LeadCodices presents a series of essays by eminent scholars underlining the case for proper analysis and restoration of the codices back to Jordan. For the first time, a very thorough analysis of the metal and its origins is argued by a senior analyst in the private sector.
David Elkington provides a brief account of the discovery. Added to this is a groundbreaking article by Dr Margaret Barker placing the codices in their proper historical and theological context, arguing for their authenticity and the need for further research. Her case is underscored by Prof Philip Davies, the man who was prominent in breaking the embargo on the Dead Sea Scrolls in the early 1990s. An essay by Dr Keith Hearne, one of the world's foremost psychologists, explores the effect of unscrupulous blogging on the delivery of fact and context in history. He discusses the case for religious shock in the light of the implications of the discovery.
Jennifer Elkington discusses the effect of the Thoneman affair in the context of proper academic behaviour whilst revealing the fact that very few individuals have had, or asked for access to, proper samples and analysis of the codices.

About the Author

Professor Philip Davies is a present day Professor emeritus of biblical studies at the University of Sheffield, England. In the late 90s, he was the Director for the Centre for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and has written four books on the subject. He was also Publisher and Editorial director of Sheffield Academic Press. He is the author of numerous books and articles on ancient Israelite history and religion, including Scribes and Schools (1998) in the Library of Ancient Israel. Dr. Margaret Barker DD has developed an approach to Biblical Studies now known as Temple Theology. Margaret Barker read theology at the University of Cambridge and went on to pursue her research independently. She was elected President of the Society for Old Testament Study in 1998, and edited the Society s second Monograph Series, published by Ashgate. She has so far written 16 books, which form a sequence, later volumes building on her earlier conclusions. Since 1997, she has been part of the symposium Religion, Science and the Environment, convened by His All Holiness Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch. This work has led her to develop the practical implications of temple theology as the basis for a Christian environment theology. In 2008 Margaret Barker was awarded a DD by the Archbishop of Canterbury in recognition of her work on the Jerusalem Temple and the origins of Christian Liturgy, which has made a significantly new contribution to our understanding of the New Testament and opened up important fields for research. Dr Keith Hearne BSc MSc PhD is an internationally knownpsychologist who conducted the world s first sleep-laboratory research into lucid dreams (in which the dreamer becomes fully aware of being in a dream) for his PhD at Liverpool University. He devised theocular-signalling technique and invented the first dream machine . The original sleep-lab chart records from his pioneering research, and a dream machine, are on permanent display at the ScienceMuseum in London. He is theFounder/Principal of theEuropean College of Hypnotherapy and a therapist of renown. He has lectured widely, and introduced several major new therapeutic techniques. He teaches hypnotherapy, as well as the more esoteric subjects of past-life therapy and spirit releasing therapy. Over the years he has been frequently in the media, especially television, in the U.K. and abroad. David and Jennifer Elkington first came across the existence a group of artefacts in 2007 which is now known collectively as the Jordan Lead Codices. In 2009, following metal tests which indicated that the codices were indeed of ancient provenance, the Elkingtons contacted Dr Margaret Barker who guided them in forming a group of experts to analyse the codices. The group has since been supporting the repatriation of the codices to Jordan."
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