Robert's Rules of Order: A Complete Guide to Robert's Rules of Order (Paperback)

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This book aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to parliamentary procedures, as outlined in Robert's Rules of Order, and how to implement such rules and structure to your own organization.

Robert's Rules of Order have been used for decades to enhance the productivity and efficiency of meetings. In addition, the implementation of Robert's Rules of Order helps to ensure that fairness and democracy is ever-present in the organizations that choose to use this system.

Robert's Rules of Order are applicable to a huge variety of organizations. From small, community-led groups to large, publicly-traded companies, Robert's Rules has been used successfully by all matters of organizations for decades

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About Inside...

  • What Are Robert's Rules Of Order
  • The History Of Robert's Rules
  • The Benefits Of Robert's Rules
  • How To Introduce The Rules To Your Organization
  • How To Use Minutes In Your Meetings
  • Key Terms To Be Aware Of
  • When & How To Use Robert's Rules
  • Much, Much More
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ISBN: 9781761030017
ISBN-10: 1761030019
Publisher: Ingram Publishing
Publication Date: December 16th, 2019
Pages: 126
Language: English