Financial Dominance (Paperback)

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Your financial potential is bigger than your dreams

Financial Dominance proves it. Get tracking with the most engaging finance training ever developed for the military and those who appreciate them. No boring jargon, disjointed "good" ideas, gimmicks, or tired old adages. Leveraging military strategy, decades in business, thousands of 1:1 interactions, and the coolest full color illustrations you've ever seen, the author brings a fresh perspective and a clear sense of urgency to laser your efforts for maximum impact

This battle plan simplifies and prioritizes your tasks so you know exactly what to do, when to do it, why you're doing it, how to get it done, and even how long it'll take to fast track you towards your true potential. Stop living on the edge of financial ruin and just getting by, it's time to build a bigger life Do you think you're doing well? Financial Dominance will show you how to do better. And the real-life case studies will help you bring the insights home. You'll learn:

  • The first rule of money and the beginning of all financial wisdom.
  • The reason paying off debt too soon doesn't work and how to permanently eliminate it
  • Your Tactical Wealth and SOAR Protocols for building a richer life than you've dared imagine possible.

It's not a game plan, it's a battle plan. Because this ain't a game and you don't want to lose this fight

Financial Dominance is your must read. Own it. Share it. And help spread the news so our service members and veterans can enjoy the prosperity and freedoms they've dedicated their lives to protect.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737056607
ISBN-10: 1737056607
Publisher: Richer Lives Press
Publication Date: January 4th, 2022
Pages: 214
Language: English